Publishing Committee

The Publishing Committee is an internal group comprising scientists, one from each of its three research themes (Biotechnology; Markets, Gender and Livelihoods; and People, Livestock and Environment), and representatives from Capacity Strengthening and Public Awareness units.
The committee’s role is primarily advisory, acting as a sounding board for ILRI's Management Committee on publishing matters. It has an important monitoring role regarding publication review processes; members check that all formal publications have been properly reviewed before they are published in ILRI publications series. The committee also helps to formulate guidelines and targets for ILRI staff in terms of forms of publication, balance between types of publishing outputs, and specific types of publication.

Members are proposed by themes and programs and serve the committee for one or two years. To allow continuity, two members should be replaced each year. The chair of the committee is a member of the scientific group; the chair role rotates as needed.

The committee is supported by a secretariat comprising ILRI’s Head of Knowledge Management and Information Services (KMIS) and the KMIS Publications Manager.
As required, the committee may invite other staff to contribute to its discussions and meetings.
Terms of reference

  • Acting as a sounding board, advise KMIS and ILRI management on the institute’s publishing policies and channels and the implementation of associated polices and guidelines;


  • Monitor publishing review processes in ILRI, ensuring that policies and guidelines are appropriate, and that they are followed;


  • With the Head of KMIS and in consultation with Themes and Teams, agree on an annual plan for publishing in different channels and publications


  • Recommend ways to increase the effectiveness of ILRI publishing;


  • Review and decide on the final publication of all institutional publications.

Agreed by the ILRI Management Committee, December 2010