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Apply for an Australia Awards Scolarships

Beca news -

Scholarships for Masters Studies and Fellowships in Australia in the priority sectors of mining, agriculture/fisheries, or public policy/governance are now being offered to eligible African candidates under the following awards:

  • Australia Awards Africa Fellowships (for study in 2015): professional development short courses in specialized fields delivered in both Africa and Australia (applications close 16 January 2015)
  • Australia Awards Scholarships (for study in 2016): Masters-level study at an Australian University (applications close 12 December 2014)

The application process for Australia Awards is open and competitive, providing equal opportunity regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability. The Australian Government also strongly encourages applications from women. Mechanisms are in place to support the participation of people with disability.

The Awards aim at attracting high calibre, early to mid-career professionals from the public and private sectors as well as civil society who have the potential to lead and support accelerated progress towards development objectives in their country.

Further details about the Awards and how to submit an application can be found at the following website: www.australiaawardsafrica.org.

Participatory research for development to upgrade smallholder pig value chains in Uganda

CRP 3.7 News -

Little has been documented about how smallholder pig value chains operate in Uganda, except that pork production and consumption have exploded over the past three decades and 70% of the pigs are in the hands of smallholder farmers, many of them women.

Who are the actors in the current system? What are input and output channels? Who benefits and who bears economic health risks? Which problems do the various actors face, how do they deal with them and can these problems provide opportunities?

This poster (for Tropentag 2014 conference) introduces the Livestock and Fish program’s work to improve the livelihoods of smallholder pig value chain actors in Uganda by showcasing how existing livestock value chains can be upgraded for the benefit of all actors in the system, especially the many poor.

This week, ILRI staff are participating in the Tropentag 2014 International Conference in Prague (17-19 September 2014). There is also a dedicated ‘ILRI@40’ side event on ‘Livestock-based options for sustainable food and nutritional security and healthy lives.’  See all the posters.

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