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Habil Abdu operates a specialized goat fattening enterprise in South Wollo, Ethiopia that is exemplary in its market orientation. Continue reading

LIVES, Aug/2015

The book, Food Safety and Informal Markets: Animal Products in Sub-Saharan Africa, based on ILRI-led research, is now open access. Continue reading

Safe Food Fair Food, Jul/2015

A 3-day training workshop organized by IBLI, Cornell university, USAID, Australian Aid and other partners took place on ILRI Addis campus from 15–17 July 2015. Continue reading

IBLI, Jul/2015

As part of its effort to mechanize smallholder dairy production in Ethiopia, the LIVES project recently introduced hand-operated milking machines and cow mats for use by dairy farmers in the country. Continue reading

LIVES, Jul/2015

In Ethiopia, the number of women engaged in agriculture is increasing as more men withdraw from farming. Although women play a central role in agriculture and family well-being, their roles remains invisible and women farmers’ participation in agricultural research and extension is still very low. Africa RISING recently carried out a study to better understand these issues. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Jul/2015

The Africa RISING project in Ethiopia recently conducted a participatory assessment and survey on the adoption and marketing of high value vegetables and fruits in its field sites. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Jul/2015

The LIVES team recently met its key partners in Ethiopia to discuss progress in promoting the project's interventions in the country. Continue reading

LIVES, Jul/2015

A new ILRI study published in Food Control (6 July 2015)reports high levels of aflatoxin contamination of milk and dairy feeds in the Greater Addis Ababa milk shed.

AgHealth, Jul/2015

This paper reviews literature on sustainable intensification metrics for use in smallholder agriculture. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Jul/2015

From 15-19 June 2015, the Livestock and Fish research program and Africa RISING held a training course in Addis Ababa on participatory epidemiology and gender. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Jul/2015