Intellectual assets policy

The ILRI policy on the management of Intellectual Assets (ILRI IP Policy 2013) aligns with and is consistent with the CGIAR IA principles and relevant international developments in intellectual property (IP) and related fields.

This policy governs the management of ILRI's intellectual assets with regard to the acquisition, production, management and dissemination of research outputs and innovations produced by ILRI in all its research and/development activities with partners. ILRI has adopted five principles to guide the management of its intellectual assets:

  1. International public goods (IPGs)
  2. Intellectual property rights protection
  3. Public private partnerships
  4. Incorporating third party intellectual assets and
  5. Maximizing global accessibility and impact. All intellectual assets produced or acquired by ILRI shall be managed in ways that maximize their global accessibility and ensure that they lead to the broadest possible impact on target beneficiaries in support of the ILRI and CGIAR visions.

Download ILRI policy on the management of intellectual assets