ILRI's media and communications work aims to enhance ILRI’s impacts in reducing world poverty. Led by our Communications, awareness and advocacy team, we seek to ensure that the significance of ILRI’s mission, products and impacts is properly understood by key stakeholders in both developing and developed countries. We also seek to initiate and maintain dialogues with stakeholders to get their feedback and other inputs into the research process; to assess critically how ILRI and its work is perceived by others; and to learn from these two-way flows of information how to achieve bigger impacts on pro-poor policies and practices. Beyond the staple news items and features, we produce a wide range of media materials (films, photos, podcasts) that are designed to communicate what we do. Our primary communication products include the ILRI 'news' and 'clippings' blogs: The news blog consists of 2-3 weekly original news articles about ILRI-partner results, including major news releases, hard news stories, feature articles, photoessays, and links to short and documentary films and photofilms. The clippings blog consists of 5-7 weekly posts summarizing news from ILRI and other institutions on livestock research for development.