ILRI produces a wide range of publications and other communication products.

  • Research publications: A range of publication types including longer research reports, policy briefs, discussion papers and training manuals/modules.
  • Project Documents and Reports: Produced by projects and programs according to their own standards and for different purposes.
  • Posters: Produced by projects and scientists for scientific meetings and as explanatory information on projects, issues, themes, etc.
  • Presentations: Usually prepared and delivered by individuals at various events. Often provide insights into projects and thinking along the course of a piece of research.
  • Film and Video: Offering very attractive and accessible ways to communicate a project or issue.
  • Audio and Podcasts: Similar to video, audio are published alongside other channels.
  • ILRI 'news' and 'clippings' blogs: The news blog consists of 2-3 weekly original news articles about ILRI-partner results, including major news releases, hard news stories, feature articles, photoessays, and links to short and documentary films and photofilms. The clippings blog consists of 5-7 weekly posts summarizing news from ILRI and other institutions on livestock research for development.
  • Project blogs, Wikis, Websites, etc: The ‘social media’ revolution that is simplifying the creation and publishing of web content, facilitating interaction and conversations among individuals, and transforming the traditional ‘broadcast’ approach to communication. Used by projects to set up and manage their own web communications alongside heavier corporate investments.
  • See our social/interactive media publishing platforms and tools.
  • Journal Articles: Traditionally the top-of-the-line scientific output, staff are encouraged to publish in the most suitable, and ‘high-impact’ titles possible. Unless they are open access, they are much less accessible by many of our partners.
  • External Books and Chapters: Similar to journal articles, with normally even less opportunity to make the content fully open access.
  • Corporate Publications: Various categories of outputs, normally produced by our Public Awareness team to reach and inform funders, sponsors, partners and general audiences.

Sign up for news alerts and news feeds. Our activities in this area are guided by our publishing strategy. In December 2010, ILRI Management adopted an open 'creative commons' license to be used for ILRI-generated research outputs

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