Highlights of internal audit recommendations November 2011 to March 2012

  1. A comprehensive Facility Management and Maintenance Policies and Procedures Manual should be developed and approved by management.
  2. An assessment of the material consumption in the Institute should be made and pre planned list of materials required during a year should be developed in consultation with all relevant stakeholders to ascertain goods with optimal quality and quantity are procured and stored.
  3. The ILRI authorization policy manual should be revised and updated to align the policy to the ILRI organization structure, for example include roles of the DG representative/Deputy DG representative in respect of Procurement activities in Addis.
  4. ILRI should streamline the procurement processes in Addis by carrying out a vendor pre-qualification.
  5. Asset listings in all Field Offices should be verified and reconciled with the Institute Fixed Asset Register.
  6. ILRI Store's unit in consultation with users should proactively review the current stock items which can be reclassified as non-stock items and vice versa.
  7. Management should urgently implement measures to reduce the high levels of dead or obsolete stocks; this will be achieved by disposing obsolete /slow moving stocks especially in maintenance, transport and engineering where 72%, 64% and 53% of the total stocks in their respective categories are slow moving/obsolete.
  8. The IP unit, Budgets and Grants unit and Biotechnology theme should develop and follow a revised policy regarding accounting reporting for earned royalties and revenues.
  9. EOHS should develop an EOHS/ Research compliance strategic plan that provide linkages for various stand alone manuals, procedures, safety instructions and committees with clearly defined objectives of EOHS/Research compliance at ILRI and how EOHS / Research compliance is organized to meet this objectives. The strategic plan should be simple and easy to interpret by all ILRI staff and stake holders. The strategic plan should be approved by the Institutional Safety Committee (which is chaired by the DG), BOT and posted on ILRI website.
  10. To ensure effective implementation of EOHS recommendation arising out of ILRI activities there is need for the unit to have a functional reporting relationship to the ISC.
  11. ILRI should develop a time frame for reviewing the travel policy to ensure that it remains current and reflect terms and conditions prevailing in the ever changing travel industry.