Capacity development

Capacity development at ILRI

Capacity development at ILRI involves the development of attitudes, skills, institutional set ups as well as knowledge in agricultural research and development. ILRI works with individuals, organizations and institutions engaged in research and development as well as those making agricultural investment decisions at all levels across the sector.

ILRI views its capacity development work as an integral element to successful livestock research for development. This refers to the intentional and purpose-driven efforts to increase the capacity of its stakeholders to undertake and use research to generate development outcomes and scale up in a sustainable manner. In this respect, capacity development is an integral and essential part of successful livestock research for development that delivers outcomes and impact. People, results and outcomes are thus associated with many units and projects at ILRI; leadership is provided by ILRI’s Capacity Development Unit.

As part of the BMZ financed project ‘climate-smart crop-livestock systems for smallholders in the tropics: Integration of new forage hybrids to intensify agriculture and to mitigate climate change through regulation of nitrification in soil’, the Livestock and Fish program team has been working alongside farmers in rural communities of Nicaragua to improve productivity and mitigate … Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Dec/2013
Feed availability is a critical constraint in livestock systems. If feed is not available, animals become unproductive or die, and smallholder livelihoods are threatened. Determining the most appropriate interventions needs to mobilize biological, socio-economic and market expertise to match local needs and demands to produce ‘best-fit’ technical interventions. The Feed Resources Assessment (FEAST) and the … Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Dec/2013
On 26 September 2013, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILR) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) signed a memorandum of understanding. The main objective is to establish a long-term relationship to exploit complementary research, institutional development and capacity development skills. This framework of collaboration with ILRI includes a specific objective to establish joint … Continue reading »
Livestock and Fish, Oct/2013
Diana Brandes – van Dorresteijn, a capacity development specialist at ILRI has joined  the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish. She has a decade of experience with the corporate private sector and will bring a wide range of management and implementation expertise on sustainable development and public private partnerships (PPP) to the program. For … Continue reading »
Livestock and Fish, Sep/2013