Capacity development

Capacity development at ILRI

Capacity development at ILRI involves the development of attitudes, skills, institutional set ups as well as knowledge in agricultural research and development. ILRI works with individuals, organizations and institutions engaged in research and development as well as those making agricultural investment decisions at all levels across the sector.

ILRI views its capacity development work as an integral element to successful livestock research for development. This refers to the intentional and purpose-driven efforts to increase the capacity of its stakeholders to undertake and use research to generate development outcomes and scale up in a sustainable manner. In this respect, capacity development is an integral and essential part of successful livestock research for development that delivers outcomes and impact. People, results and outcomes are thus associated with many units and projects at ILRI; leadership is provided by ILRI’s Capacity Development Unit.

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African Chicken Genetic Gains, May/2018
The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)-led African Chicken Genetic Gains (ACGG) program has developed a country-level gender strategy implementation plan based on its gender strategy document. Continue reading →
African Chicken Genetic Gains, Mar/2018
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ILRI Asia, Feb/2018


Capacity development is a prominent feature of ILRI’s strategy, setting the context for the capacity development agenda of the institute. In line with this, there are over 70 staff across the institute working on capacity development at different levels of investment, with over 15 of these working exclusively on CapDev issues / projects.

Consistent with the approach of embedding CapDev work into ILRI projects and CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs), the majority of the staff are embedded directly into various ILRI programs.

The staff members below all work on capacity development to varying degrees. Click here to see a more structured breakdown of ILRI’s investment in capacity development.

Nardos Wogayehu
Admin. Assistant
Phil Sambati
Instructional Design Specialist
Roger Pelle
Principal Scientist - Molecular Parasitologist
Rupsha R Banerjee
Social Scientist - Institutions and Innovation
Sita R. Ghimire
Principal Scientist - Plant Pathology