Communications and knowledge management

Communications and knowledge management at ILRI is organized in three teams:

  1. Knowledge, publishing and curation team led by Peter Ballantyne. This team organizes and publishes ILRI'S knowledge to maximize its accessibility and use. It supports processes to co-create, capture, document and disseminate ILRI’s knowledge through various products. It also curates this knowledge by managing the systems, workflows and channels necessary to collect, organize, categorize and distribute content.


2. Knowledge, engagement and collaboration team led by Ewen Le Borgne. This team facilitates engagement, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing across ILRI and with key stakeholders. It supports communities of practice, and networks. It promotes effective uses of social, collaborative and online tools and approaches. And it designs, facilitates and documents processes and events.


3. Communications, awareness and advocacy team lead by Susan MacMillan. This team helps ILRI to frame issues, attract higher quality attention to livestock in the developing world, build greater support for pro-poor livestock research for development and make its science stories 'stick.' It does this through strategic, targeted communications and campaigns that influence key stakeholder groups.


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Social learning approaches take learning and behaviour change beyond the individual to communities, networks and systems. Through facilitated processes of working together, interactive dialogue, exchange, learning, action and reflection, shared ways of knowing emerge that lead to changes, and improvements, in practice. Continue reading →
Maarifa, Feb/2017
Using a value chain development approach, the LIVES project has implemented various interventions using the pillars of knowledge management and promotion. Continue reading →
LIVES, Jan/2017
ILRI's CKM team recently supported the process leading to and facilitating a 'National coordination and experience sharing forum (NCESF) in the area of food security and resilience building programs in Ethiopia'. This experience went well beyond typical event support and offered interesting opportunities for ILRI more widely. This post also looks at lessons learned in the process. Continue reading →
Maarifa, Dec/2016
This presentation is about giving presentations. It's about constructing, designing and delivering (academic) presentations that make a difference. Continue reading →
Maarifa, Dec/2016
There is a vicious circle of under-investment in research in developing countries, especially in the social sciences. To make matters worse, expenditure on social science research is generally less than 20% of gross expenditure on R&D Continue reading →
ILRI clippings, Dec/2016
ILRI has created a mobile game for android users using game mechanics such as points and badges aiming to help innovation platform facilitators take on their roles and tasks. Continue reading →
ILRI news blog, Dec/2016
Developed through the mNutrition Initiative, the Nutrition Knowledge Bank (going live today) aims to help bridge the gap between information providers and users by providing an open-access store of both nutrition-sensitive agricultural approaches and nutrition-specific health interventions. Continue reading →
Maarifa, Oct/2016
combined knowledge sharing program, that included a study tour, skill-based training and livestock technology demonstration, was recently organized by staff of the LIVES project and the Jimma Zone livestock and fishery development offices to raise the profile of livestock farming in Jimma. Continue reading →
LIVES, Sep/2016
Many colleagues are wondering why we use so many platforms at ILRI, for our projects or for corporate reasons. Continue reading →
Maarifa, Sep/2016
Originally posted on ILRI news: At the lobby of National Agricultural Science Centre (photo credit: ILRI/Susan MacMillan). Note: This is the tenth in a series of articles on ‘Curds and goats, lives and livelihoods— A dozen stories from northern and eastern India’. PART 10: ‘Leveling’ access to livestock information: Knowledge management talks at an ICAR–ILRI communications…
Maarifa, Aug/2016


Abeba Asmelash
Administration Support Specialist
Abenet Yabowork
Knowledge Curation Manager
Apollo Habtamu
Graphics and Multimedia Communications Officer
Bernhard Hack
Research Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Specialist
Bethelhem Alemu
Digital Communication Specialist
Bizuwork Mulat
Information Services Specialist
Brian Kawuma
Communication Specialist
Daniel Hailemichael
Web Projects Manager
Dorine Odongo
Communications & Knowledge Management Specialist
Emaelaf Kebede
Publishing Services Manager


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