CGIAR research by ILRI

CGIAR research is being operationalized through a number of 'CGIAR Research Programs' and platforms - more information is online at:

ILRI is actively engaged in several of these programs and platforms (follow links on the left for more information). ILRI leads the program on ‘Livestock’ (since January 2017). This evolved from the program on 'Livestock and Fish’ that ran from 2012 to 2016. It leads a component (on ‘Agriculture-associated Diseases’) of the program on ‘Agriculture for Improved Nutrition and Health’. ILRI is also a full partner in the program on ‘Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security’ and a 'tier 2' partner in the programs on ‘Policies, Institutions, and Markets and ‘Water, Land and Ecosystems. It contributes to the ‘Genebanks' and ‘Big Data’ platforms.

The ILRI strategy contains further details on its research and how it fits the CGIAR research portfolio.