Environment, occupational health, and safety

The Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety office is responsible for, among other tasks, research compliance at ILRI.
It is our goal to take care of every question and concern that you may have about workplace safety and health and environment.
Please contact one of the many knowledgeable people in our office. We are happy to help.
If you have a specific question, use ilrikenyaeohs@cgiar.org
You can also call Ephy Khaemba at 422-3000 ext 3375 (BIOSAFETY MANAGER) Sylvia Kamau at 422-3000 ext 3883 (HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICER RESEARCH) Josephat Otieno at 422-3000 ext 3887 (HEALTH AND SAFETY OFFICER OPERATIONS)
To report an emergency, dial 3362 which goes direct to the security office at ILRI Hotline numbers to be used while offsite include +254728970722 0r +254733634907
EOHS PHYSICAL LOCATION The health and safety department is located adjacent to MARA house next to the boiler house.