Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation, Kenya
Directorate of Veterinary Services, Kenya
Université de Bamako
Rockefeller Foundation
Ministries responsible for Livestock Development in Ethiopia and Tanzania
Terra Nuova
Ministry of Agriculture (China)
Eden Field – Agri Seed Enterprise
Universität Kassel
Ministerio de Agricultura Y Bosques (Guinea-Bissau)
Cornell University
Boyce Thomson Institute at Cornell University
Farmer's Choice (Kenya)
University of Melbourne
National Crops Resources Research Institute, Uganda
EuropeAid Co-operation Office
Country Investment Plan
Columbia Global Centers (Africa)
University of Wisconsin
University of Peradeniya
University of Edinburgh
Equity Insurance Agency
Nargajuna Fertilizer and Chemicals Research and Development Center
University of Glasgow
Irish Aid
World Food Prize
Oxfam GB
UAP Insurance Limited
Practical Action
Heifer International
Tanzania National Land Use Planning Commission
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Kenya
KINNAPA Development Programme
Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC
Wellcome Trust
African Union Centre for Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
Emory University
Ford Foundation
Aquatic Agricultural Systems (a CGIAR research program)
Purdue University
Université d'Antananarivo
LUKE, Finland
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Ethiopia
Scotland’s Rural College
Universität Hohenheim
Laboratoire Vétérinaire de Kinshasa
CGIAR Research Program on Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics
Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, Tanzania
Global Livestock CRSP
Earlham Institute
Columbia University
CARE International
John Innes Centre
Australian Aid
Pwani University
University of Bristol
Global Affairs Canada
Global Diversity Foundation
Marchmont Communications
Ryerson University
Green Dreams Tech Ltd.
Goromonzi, Gwanda, Murewa, Mutoko and Nkayi and Uzumba district councils, Zimbabwe
University of Leeds
Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (a CGIAR research program)
University of Toronto
Borlaug-Ruan International Internship program
Lutheran World Relief
University of Warwick
Vétérinaires sans Frontières Germany
Government of Tanzania
McKnight Foundation
Bioversity International
Ministry of Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands
Sidai Africa
Mekele University
University of Agriculture Abeokuta
University of Malawi
Upande Limited
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Africa Harvest
One Acre Fund
Meridian Institute
Global Crop Diversity Trust
Scaling Up Nutrition
University of Guelph
Hawassa University
University of Cape town
Programme for Climate Smart Livestock Systems
Rothamsted Research
University of Oxford
International Committee on Animal Recording
Natural Resources International Ltd.
Ministry of Livestock and Animal Production, Guinea
Center for Tick and Tick-Borne Diseases
CGIAR Research Program on Livestock
University of Helsinki
Kenyatta University
University of Maryland
University of Berlin
Vet Aid
University of Alberta
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland
Koepon Foundation
Egerton University
World Vegetable CenterWorld Vegetable Center
Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology
Seoul National University
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam
Shinshu University
Ministry of Health, Vietnam
University of Illinois
National Centre for Veterinary Hygiene Inspection, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Institute of Public Health
Hester Biosciences Ltd
National Livestock Resources Research Institute, Uganda
National Institute for Food Control, Vietnam
Hoima, Kamuli, Lira, Mukono and Masaka district authorities
National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Vietnam
University of Sydney
CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Health and Nutrition
Amhara, Oromia, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples, and Tigray bureaus of agriculture
National Institute of Veterinary Research, Vietnam
Rakuno Gakuen University
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark
Himmotthan Society
African Union Panafrican Veterinary Vaccine Centre
Feed the Future Livestock Systems Innovation Lab
Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ethiopia
Dulle Veterinary Centre
CGIAR Research Program on MAIZE
Cluster Agricultural Development Services, Zimbabwe
Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region Agricultural Research Institute
Institute for Genome Sciences, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium
Bangor University
Community Technology Development Organisation, Zimbabwe
Tigray Agricultural Research Institute
Jenner Institute, KALRO
Protracted Relief Program, Zimbabwe
Agricultural Technical and Extension Services, Zimbabwe
Ministry of Health, Kenya
Community Technology Development Trust, Zimbabwe
Ronheam International Tanzania
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania
Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
National Agricultural Research System
University of Johannesburg
Department of Livestock Production and Development, Zimbabwe
Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
Ministry of Health, Uganda
University of San Martín, Buenos Aires
Ghent University
EmergingAg Inc
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Help Germany
University of Washington
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Matopos Research Institute
Vetlife Consultants
Ministry of Agriculture Mechanization and Irrigation Development, Zimbabwe
Government of Ethiopia
Lancaster University
VetAgro Tanzania
BPTP Jawa Timur
USAID - SIIL Feed the Future
Imperial College London
Research Council of Norway
VetAid Kenya
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Veterinary Council of Tanzania
Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
Bahir Dar University
Washington State University, Pullman
Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing, Kenya
Chonbuk National University
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Kenya
Norwegian Institute of Nature Research
CRPs for Maize and Humid Tropics
Georgia State University Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Belgian Embassy in Vietnam
University of Rwanda
Making Cents International
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Kyungpook National University
Canadian Embassy in Vietnam
University of Dodoma
Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Vietnam
University of FloridaUniversity of Florida
University of Groningen
National Institute of Animal Science, South Korea
Hanoi Medical University
Royal Agricultural University of Pnom Phen, Cambodia
(BOKU)University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
ABS-TCMAfrican Breeders Services Total Cattle Management
(FIPS-Africa)Farm Input Promotions Africa Ltd.
2SCALEToward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship
3ADIAfrican Agribusiness and Agro-Industries Development Initiative
3IEInternational Initiative for Impact Evaluation
A+RCAudit and Risk Committee
A4NHCGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and HealthCGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health
A4NHAgriculture for Nutrition and Health (a CGIAR research program)
AACAdvance-Africa dot Com
AACAAAll Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture - meets every 4 years
AADAgriculture Associated Disease
AAMEAfrican Adult Male Equivalent
AARINENAAssociation of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa
AASAfrican Academy of Sciences
AASAPAll Africa Society for Animal Production
AATFAfrican Agricultural Technology Foundation
AATPAfrican Agricultural Technology Platform
AAUAddis Ababa University
ABBPPAfrican Biotechnology Biosafety Policy Platform
ABCFAfrican Biosciences Challenge Fund
ABEAAnimal Breeding East Africa
ABIAgribusiness Incubator
ABIAfrican Biosciences Initiative
ABI-ICRISATAgribusiness Incubator - International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
ABNEAfrica Biosciences Initiatives and African Biosafety Network of Expertise
ABP Africa Banana Products Ltd
ABSAfrican Bio-Fortified Sorghum
ABSFAfrican Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum
ABSPIIAgricultural Biotechnology Support Project II
ACAudit Committee
ACBFAfrican Capacity Building Foundation
ACCIAfrican Centre for Crop Improvement
ACDI/VOCAAn economic development organization based in Washington, D.C.
ACIARAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research
ACPAfrican, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
ACP3Academic Community Public Private Partnership
ACPCAfrican Climate Policy Centre
ACTAfrican Conservation Tillage Network
ACTEDAgency for Technical Cooperation and Development
ACTSAfrican Centre for Technology Studies
ADAAustrian Development Agency
ADAPPTAfrican Dryland Alliance for Pesticidal-Plant Technologies
ADCArea Development Committee
ADMARC Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Malawi)
AEASAgricultural Extension and Advisory Services
AEDAcademy for Educational Development (East & Central Africa Regional Support Office)
AEHEAgricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprise
AERAgro-Ecological Region
AEZAgro-Ecological Zone
AFAASAfrica Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services
AFAPAfrican Fertilizer Agribusiness Partnership
AFARDAgency for Accelerated Rural Development (Uganda)
AFDAgence Francaise de Developpement
AfDBAfrican Development Bank
AFFRCAgriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council (Japan)
AFIMEGQAfrica For Innovation, Mobility, Exchange, Globalization and Quality
AFRACAAfrican Rural and Agricultural Credit Association
AfricaRiceAfrica Rice Center
AfrIIAfrican Innovations Institute
AFRISAAfrica Institute for Strategic Services and Development
AFSAfrican Swine Fever
AfSISAfrica Soil Information Service
AFSPAgriculture and Food Security Project
AFTFNAgriculture Fast Track Fund Now (Managed by the African Development Bank - AfDB and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA) and the Danish International Development Agency (Danida)
AFTFPAfrica Finance & Private Sector Development Department (World Bank)
AgBITAgribusiness Incubation Trust (Zambia)
AGINAfrican Goat Improvement Network. See also EAGODEN
AGMARKAgricultural Market Development Trust-Africa
AGORAAccess to Global Online Research in Agriculture
AGRAAlliance for a Green Revolution in Africa
Agri 4 AfricaA commercial agribusiness on-line information portal
AgriCordThe Alliance of Agri-Agencies
AgriFinAgriculture Finance Support Facility
AGRINATURAThe European Alliance on Agricultural Knowledge for Development
AGRODEPAfrica Growth & Development Policy modelling consortium
AHBFIAfrica Harvest Biotechnology Foundation International
AHIAfrican Highlands Initiative
AIArtificial Insemination
AID-SAAgro Industry Development Society Ltd (Mali)
AIIAgribusiness Innovation Initiative
AIICAgribusiness Innovation Incubation Consortia
AINAfrica Incubator Network
AIPAgribusiness Innovation Program
AIRCAAssociation of International Research and Development Centers for Agriculture, consiisting of AVRDC, CABI, CATIE, CFF, ICBA, ICIPE, ICIMOD, IFDC and INBAR. Not the All Indian Rodeo Cowboys Association
AIRFAgricultural Innovation Research Foundation (Tanzania)
AKDNAga Khan Foundation
AKSTAgricultural Knowledge Science and Technology
AKUAga Khan University
ALFAnimal Liberation Front
ALFAfrica Leadership Forum
ALiCEAfrican Livestock Conference and Exhibition
ALIVEAfrican Livestock: Partnership for Livestock Development, Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Growth
ALRMPArid Land Resource Management Programme
AMEDDAssociation Malienne d'éveil au Développement Durable
ANAFEAfrican Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education
ANASAfrican National Agricultural Scientists
ANAWAfrica Network for Animal Welfare
ANFRPDAfrican Network for Rural Poultry Development. (See also INFPD = the International Network for Family Poultry Development)
AnGRIndigenous farm animal Genetic Resources
ANSRCAfrican Nutritional Sciences Research Consortium
AOCCAfrican Orphan Crops Consortium
AORAssistance Officers Representative, Agreement Officer Representative
APAARIAsian Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions
APCAgribusiness Partnership Contract
APHCAAnimal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific
APMAnnual Program Meeting
APOAssociate Professional Officer
APSKAnimal Production Society of Kenya
APSOArea Programme Support Office
ARAssessment Report
AR4DAgricultural Research for Development
ARARIAmhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute
ARCAfrica Rice Congress
ARC-OVIOnderstepoort Veterinary Institute
ARDAgricultural Research for Development
ARIAdvanced Research Institute
ASALArid and Semi-Arid Land
ASARECAAssociation for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
ASCUAgricultural Sector Coordination Unit (Kenya)
ASDSPAgriculture Sector Development Support Program (Kenya)
ASFAnimal Sourced Food
ASHCAfrica Soil Health Consortium
ASIPAgricultural Input Subsidy Programme
ASNAPPAgribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products - based in Zambia
ASSAfrica South of the Sahara
ASSPAnimal Sciences for Sustainable Productivity (An ILRI research program)
ASTAAfrican Seed Trade Association
ATAEthiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency
ATFAnimal Task Force
ATPSAfrican Technology Policy Studies Network
ATVETAgriculture Technical and Vocational Education and Training
AU-IBARAfrican Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources
AU-PANVACPan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre of the African Union
AUCAfrican Union Commission
AusAIDAustralian Agency for International Development
Australian governmentAustralian government
AVRDCThe World Vegetable Centre (Originally the Asian Vegetable Research & Development Centre)
AWARDAfrican Women in Agricultural Research and Development
AWFAfrican Wildlife foundation
AYADAustralian Youth Ambassadors for Development
BADEAArab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
BAUBangladesh Agricultural University
BBSRCBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
BCABenefit Cost Analysis
BCCBehavior Change Communication
BEAFBeratungsgruppe Entwicklungsorientierte Agrarforschung (Advisory Service on Agricultural Research for Development, a GIZ service unit)
BecABiosciences eastern and central Africa
BecANetBiosciences eastern and central Africa Network
BELSPOBelgian Science Policy Office
BfRFederal Institute for Risk Assessment
BGBeneficiary Group
BHNBasic Human Needs
Bilateral FundsThese funds result from bilateral agreements between indivdual donors and individual centers.
BIO-EARNEast African Regional Program and Research Network for Bio Technology, Biosafety and Policy Development
BIOFORSKNorwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research
BIPCEABiosciences Innovation Policy Consortium for Eastern Africa
BLRIBangladesh Livestock Research Institute
BMGFBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
BMIBody Mass Index
BMJBritish Medical Journal
BMZFederal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
BNIBiological Nitrification Inhibition
BoABureau of Agriculture
BOGBasic Operating Guidelines
BoPBase of the Pyramid (markets) = the largest segment of consumers in Africa
BPDBusiness Planning and Development
BREADBasic Research to Enable Agricultural Development program: co-funded by the National Science Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
BRIBiosecurity Research Institute
BRNBiosafety Resource Network
BSMBenefit Sharing Mechanism
BTBBovine Tuberculosis
C-MADCommunity Mobilization Against Desertification
CAADPComprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program
CAAREA Capacity and Action for Aflatoxin Reduction in Eastern Africa
CAAS Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
CACCentral Asia and Caucasus / CGIAR Consortium for Central Asia and the Caucasus
CAFODCatholic Agency For Overseas Development, previously the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development
CAHCCommunity-based Animal Health Care
CAHOSCCCommittee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change
CAPESCentre d’Analyse des Politiques Economiques et Sociales
CAPIComputer Assisted Personal Interview
CAPRiCGIAR System Wide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights
CAPSConservation Agriculture and Production Systems
CARPCommunity Action Research Programme
CASChinese Academy of Sciences
CASCAPECapacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production in Ethiopia
CASIACentral Asia Student International Academic exchange with the European Union
CASLCommunity Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods
CASRADCentre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (Vietnam)
CASRENCrop-Animal Systems Research Network
CaStCapacity Strengthening program
CATASChinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences
CAVACassava Value Addition
CAWATCoalition for the Advancement of Women in Agriculture in Tanzania
CBConsortium Board (of the CGIAR)
CBAHCPCommunity-Based Animal Health Care Programme
CBOCommunity Based Organization
CBPPContagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia
CCACClimate and Clean Air Coalition
CCAFSCGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
CCAPClimate Change Action Plan - see also NCCAP (Kenya)
CCARDESACentre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa
CCEECRP Commissioned External Evaluation (see CRP)
CCERCenter Commissioned External Review
CCLEArCreating Competitive Livestock Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CDFCommunity Development Fund
CDMClean Development Mechanism
CDOChief District Officer
CelAgridCentre for Livestock and Agricultural Development, Cambodia
CeLAgridCentre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (Cambodia)
CELEPCoalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism
CENAClimate Exchange Network for Africa
CFCommunity Facilitator
CFCCommon Fund for Commodities
CFFCrops for the Future
CFFRCCrops for the Future Research Centre
CFPCall for Proposal (see also RFP)
CGIARCGIAR System Office
CHWCommunity Health Worker
CIARDCoherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development
CIATInternational Center for Tropical Agriculture
CICEROCentre for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency (Kenya)
CIFORCenter for International Forestry Research
CIFORDCommunity Initiatives for Rural Development
CIFSRFCanadian International Food Security Research Fund
CIGCommon Interest Group
CILSSPermanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel
CIMMYTInternational Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
CIPInternational Potato Center
CIRADCentre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement
CIRDESInternational Center for Research and Development on Livestock in the Subhumid Zone
CIRDESCentre International de Recherche-Développement sur l’Elevage en Zone Subhumide
CLACollaborative Learning and Adaptive / Adaptation
CLECorporate Level Evaluation
CLIPClimate Land Interaction Project
CLPCore Learning Partnership
CLUVAClimate Change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa
CMFComart Foundation
CMUChiang Mai University
CNConcept Note
CNFACitizens Network for Foreign Affairs
CNRACentre National de Recherche Agronomique
COConsortium Office (of the CGIAR)
COBClose of Business (meaning the end of the business day). See also COP.
COMARTComart Foundation
COMESACommon Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
COPConference of the Parties, Chief of Party, Community of Practice, Close of Play (an alternative to COB = Close of Business).
CORAFWest and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development
CORDAIDA large development organisation in the Netherlands
CoS-SISConvergence of Sciences - Strengthening agricultural innovation systems in Benin, Ghana and Mali
COSDEPCommunity Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme
COSOPCountry Strategic Opportunities Programme
CPChallenge Program, Consortium Project
CPAConsolidated Plan of Action, Consortium Performance Agreement, Certified Public Accountant
CPIConsumer Price Index
CPLConsortium Project Leader
CPWFCGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food
CRACredit Rating Agency, Collaborative Research Agreement
CRISPR Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (a technology for targeted genome editing)
CRPCGIAR Research Program
CRP - FPCGIAR Research Program - Focal Point
CRSCatholic Relief Services
CRSPsCollaborative Research Support Programs
CRTCentre for Rural Technology
CSAClimate Smart Agriculture
CSFClassical Swine Fever / Critical Success Factor
CSIConsortium for Spatial Information (of the CGIAR)
CSIRCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research (Ghana)
CSIRCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research, Ghana
CSIRCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
CSISACereal Systems Initative for South Asia
CSOCivil Society Organisation, Committee of Senior Officials
CSPCommunity Support Project
CSUColorado State University
CTATechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation - a joint international institution of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU).
CTATechnical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
CTLCytotoxic T Lymphocyte
CTLGHCentre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health
CTPCommon Traing Programme
CUNYCity University of New YorkRead more
CURADConsortium for Enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development
D2FDirect to Farm
DAADDeutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst
DAD-ISDomestic Animal Diversity Information System (of the FAO)
DADCDistrict Agriculture Development Committee
DADODistrict Agriculture Development Office
DAGRISDomestic Animal Genetic Resources Information System (a CGIAR initiative)
DAINDiaspora Angel Investor Network
DALYDisability Adjusted Life Years
DANIDADanish International Development Assistance
DAREMinistry of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Research and Education (India)
DAREDepartment of Agricultural Research and Education (India)
DDCDrylands Development Centre (a thematic centre of the United Nations Development Program)
DDCDistrict Development Committee
DDFDairy Development Forum
DDGDeputy Director General
DDPDryland Development Paradigm
DEDCDistrict Enterprise Development Committee
DEFRADepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom
DFATDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
DFATDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Kenya)
DFATDDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada
DFBADairy Farmers Business Association
DFGGerman Research Foundation
DFNCDistrict Food and Nutrition Committee
DFZDisease Free Zone
DGDirector General
DGEADairy Genetics East Africa
DGISMinistry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
DHSDemographic Health Survey
DIMEDevelopment Impact Evaluation
DITSLDeutsches Institut für Tropische und Subtropische Landwirtschaft GmbH
DLSDepartment of Livestock Services
DLSODistrict Livestock Services Office
DMADrought Management Authority
DMHDairy Market Hub
DMIDrought Management Initiative
DMPDesert Margins Program
DONATADissemination of New Agricultural Technologies in Africa
DPCCDistrict Project Coordination Committee
DPIODistrict Programme Implementation Office
DQAData Quality Audit
DRC Democratic Republic of Congo
DSGDistrict Steering Group
DSSATDecision Support Software for Agrotechnology Transfer
DSTLDefence Science and Technology Laboratory
EAEast Africa, East Asia, Environmental Assessment
EAAPPEastern Africa Agricultural Productivity Program
EADDEast Africa Dairy Development Project
EAGODENEast African Goat Development Network. See also AGIN.
EAMDAEast Africa Market Development Associates
EAPEthiopian Agricultural Portal
ECEuropean Commission Directorate-General for Research
ECEuropean Union
ECEuropean Commission Directorate-General for Development
ECAPAPAEastern and Central Africa Programme for Agricultural Policy Analysis
ECDEarly Childhood Development
ECFEast Coast Fever
ECF-ITMThe East Coast Fever Infection and Treatment Method vaccine
ECHOEuropean Commission Humanitarian Aid Department
ECOWASEconomic Community of West African State
ECTADEmergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases Operations
EDFEnterprise Development Facilitator
EDOEnterprise Development Officer
EDUEnterprise Development Unit
EEASEuropean External Action Service
EFARDEuropean Forum on Agricultural Research for Development
EHRCEco-Health One-Health Resource Centre (Thailand)
EHRC - CMUEco-Health One-Health Resource Centre - ChiangMai University
EIAEnvironmental Impact Assessment
EIAREthiopian Institute of Agricultural Research
EIARDEuropean Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development
EIWREthiopian Institute of Water Resources
ELISAEnzyme-Linked lmmunosorbent Assay
ELKSEnhancing Livelihoods through Livestock Knowledge Systems
ELOPHIExpanding Livelihood Opportunities for Poor Households Initiative (Ford Foundation)
EMASAREcological Management of Arid and Semi-Arid Rangelands (FAO)
EMBRAPAEmpresa Brasileiria de Pesquisa Agropecuaria
EMDIDIEthiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute
EMFEnvironmental Management Framework
EMRCEMRC is an international non-profit organisation that promotes African sustainable development through the growing of business partnerships - it is based in Belgium
EPAEssential Program Activities, Environmental Protection Agency
EPMRExternal Program and Management Review
ERHAEthiopian Rainwater Harvesting Association
ERMEnterprise Risk Management
ESAEastern South Africa
ESADAEastern and Southern Africa Dairy Association
ESAFFEastern and Southern Africa Small-Scale Farmers Association Forum
ESFIMEmpowering Smallholder Farmers in Markets
ESPAEcosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation
ESRCEconomic and Social Research Council
ESRCEconomic and Social Research Council
ESRFEconomic and Social Research Foundation
ESSEpidemio-Surveillance System
ETEmbryo Transfer
ETHZEidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
EVKEthno-Veterinary Knowledge (peoples beliefs, knowledge and practices pertaining to animal health)
EXTRAPOLATEex-ante tool for ranking policy alternatives
F2FFarmer to Farmer
FAGFocus Area Group
FAnGRFarm Animal Genetic Resources
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FASIFarming Support International (based in Nairobi)
FASIDFoundation for Advanced Studies on International Development (Japan)
FAVRIFruit and Vegetable Research Institute (Vietnam)
FCFund Council (of the CGIAR)
FCDCFrontier Counties Development Council
FCOFund Council Office (of the CGIAR)
FCRField Crops Research, Feed Conversion Ratio, Full Cost Recovery
FCRNFood Climate Research Network
FDIForeign Direct Investment
FEFiscal Efficiency
FEASTFeed Assessment Tool (See also TechFit)
FERAThe Food and Environment Research Agency
FEWS NET Famine Early Warning System Network
FFAFuture Farmers of Africa
FFFFuture Farmers Foundation
FFSFarmer Field School
FGDFocus Group Discussion
FINNIDAFinnish International Development Agency
FISP Farm Input Subsidy Program
FLEGTForest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade
FLIFederal Research Institute for Animal Health
FMCFriday Morning Coffee (at the ILRI Addis Ababa and Nairobi campuses)
FMDFoot and Mouth Disease
FNRSNational Fund for Scientific Research
FOFarmers Organisation
FOBFree on Board, Freight on Board
FOCACForum for China-Africa Cooperation
FOSCAFarmer Organization Support Centre in Africa. See also SFOAP.
FPFarmers Practice
FPBICFood Processing Business Incubation Centre
FPMUFood Planning and Monitoring Unit
FPUFood Production Unit
FSFood Safety
FSZFood Safety and Zoonoses
FTAFree Trade Agreement
FTAIFixed-Time Artificial Insemination
FTFFeed the Future - A US Govt Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative
FTF P4IFeed the Future - Partnering for Innovations - as above
FTIBCThe Food Technology Business Incubation Centre (Uganda)
GAGender Analysis, Global Agenda
GAAGlobal Agenda of Action for Sustainable Livestock
GAFSPGlobal Agricultural and Food Security Program (managed by the World Bank)
GAHPGood Agricultural Husbandry Practices
GAIECGhana Agribusiness Incubation and Entreprenureship Centre
GAINGlobal Alliance for Improved Nutrition
GAPGood Agricultural Practice. See also GLOBALGAP.
GARAGlobal African (Swine Fever) Research Alliance
GARAGlobal Agricultural Research Archive
GASLGlobal Agenda for Sustainable Livestock
GCARDGlobal Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (Conf 1 = 2010, Conf 2 = 2012)
GCCAGlobal Cold Chain Alliance
GCDTGlobal Crop Diversity trust
GCGHGrand Challenges in Global Health
GCOGrants Coordination Officer
GCPGlobal Content Partner
GDPGross Domestic Product
GDPRDGlobal Donor Patform for Rural Development
GEGenetic Engineering. See also GM.
GEFGlobal Environment Facility
GEIGender Empowerment Index
GFARGlobal Forum on Agricultural Research
GFCSGlobal Framework for Climate Services
GFFAGlobal Forum for Food and Agriculture
GFIAGlobal Forum for Innovations in Agriculture
GFUGlobal Facilitation Unit for Underutilised Species (became part of CFF in 2009).
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GHIGlobal Health Initiative
GIFTGenetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (fish)
GINAWorld Health Organizations Global database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action
GISGeographical Information System
GIZDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
GKIGlobal Knowledge Initiative
GLOBALGAPThe worldwide standard that assures Good Agricultural Practice
GLOBIOMA global model to assess competition for land use between agriculture, bioenergy, and forestry
GMGenetic Modification. See also GE.
GOGovernment Of e.g. GOK (Kenya), GOI (India), GOV (Vietnam)
GOARNGlobal Outbreak Alert and Response Network
GPGGlobal Public Good
GPGGlobal Public Good
GRAGlobal Research Alliance on Livestock
GRETProfesssionals for Fair Development (a French development NGO)
GRFGuarantee Risk Fund (Kenya)
GRISPGlobal Rice Science Partnership (CGIAR Research Program on Rice)
GSIGood Seed Initiative
GSMAGSMA Mobile for Development Foundation
GTFGlobal Task Force
GTPGrowth and Transformation Plan/Program
GTZGerman Society for Technical Cooperation - See GIZ
GWGGender Working Group
GYGAGlobal Yield Gap Atlas
H-EHuman - Environmental (systems)
HABPHousehold Asset Building Program
HACCPHazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
HarbroHarbro Limited
HarbroHarbro Limited
HATHuman African Trypanosomiasis
HCDHuman Centered Design
HCENRHigher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
HEIHuman Empowerment Index
HGHost Government
HGBFHoward G. Buffett Foundation
HIFAHealth Information For All
HISARDHarambe Incubator for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (Nigeria)
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HKIHelen Keller International
HLPEHigh Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition - estab in 2010
HOHost Organisation
HOAHorn of Africa
HPIHuman Poverty Index
HPIHeifer Project International
HRHuman Resource - often used as short-hand for HRD
HRDHuman Resource Department
HUPHHanoi University of Public HealthHanoi University of Public Health
HVAPHigh Value Agriculture Project
HWSDHarmonised World Soil Database
IAInternal Audit, Impact Assessment
IAARDIndonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
IAASTDInternational Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge Science and Technology for Development
IAATInternational African Agricultural Technology
IACInter Academy Council, Independent Advisory Committee
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee (ILRI)
IADGInter Agency Donor Group (on pro-poor livestock research and development)
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAEGImpact Assessment and Evaluation Group (of the CGIAR)
IAHBIIntegrated Agriculture and Health-Based Intervention
IARCInternational Agricultural Research Centre
IASVNInstitute of Animal Sciences of South Vietnam
IBARInterafrican Bureau for Animal Resources
IBCInstitutional Biosafety Committee (ILRI)
IBLIIndex-Based Livestock Insurance
IBLTIndex-Based Livestock Takaful (Takaful = Islamic concept in which risks are shared)
ICAInternational Cooperative Alliance
ICARIndian Council of Agricultural Research
ICARDAInternational Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas
ICBAInternational Center for Biosaline Agriculture
ICIMODInternational Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
ICIPEInternational Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology
ICISInternational Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainabity
ICMIn Country Management
ICONZIntegrated Control of Neglected Zoonoses
iCowAgricultural subscription service through cellphones to help farmers enhance productivity
ICPALDThe IGAD Centre for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development. See also IGAD.
ICRAInternational Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture
ICRAFWorld Agroforestry Centre
ICRCInternational Committee of the Red Cross
ICRISATInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
ICTInformation Communications Technology
ICUCInternational Centre for Underutilised Crops (Became part of CFF in 2009)
IDAInternational Development Association
IDOIntermediate Development Outcome
IDRCInternational Development Research Centre
IEAIndependent Evaluation Arrangement
IEEInitial Environmental Examination
IERInstitut d'Economie Rurale
IERInstitute de Economic Rural
IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development
IFCInternational Finance Corporation
IFDCInternational Fertilizer Development Center
IFIInternational Financial Institution
IFPRIInternational Food Policy Research Institute
IGADIntergovernmental Authority on Development
IGWInternational Green Week
IIAMAgricultural Research Institute of Mozambique
IIASAInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
IICAInter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
IICTIndian Institute for Chemical Technology
IIEDInternational Institute for Environment and Development
IISDInternational Institute for Sustainable Development
IITAInternational Institute of Tropical Agriculture
ILCInternational Land Coalition
ILCInternational Land Coalition
ILCInternational Land Coalition
ILCAInternational Livestock Center for Africa - was merged with ILRAD to form ILRI
ILOInternational Labour Organization (Regional Office for Africa)
ILRADInternational Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases - see ILCA
ILRIInternational Livestock Research Institute
ILRIInternational Livestock Research Institute
ILSIInnovation Lab for Sustainable Intensification (a Feed the Future initiative)
ILSPIntegrated Livelihood Support Project (India - an IFAD program)
IMARESInstitute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies (at Wageningen University, Netherlands)
IMCInstitute Management Committee
IMPACTInternational Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade
INBARInternational Network for Bamboo and Rattan
INERAInstitut de l’Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles du Burkina FasoInstitut de l’Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles du Burkina Faso
INFPDInternational Network for Family Poultry Development (which was preceded by the ANFRPD = African Network for Rural Poultry Development)
INHEREInstitute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education
INRAInstitut National de la Recherche Agronomique
INREAInstitute National du Recherche Agrononilgue
INREF(Development oriented) Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (of Wageningen University)
INRMIntegrated Natural Resource Management
INSARDIncluding Smallholders in Agricultural Research for Development
IOEIndependent Office of Evaluatiion (of IFAD)
IPAInnovations for Poverty Action
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPGInternational Public Good
IPGInternational Public Good
IPIFFInternational Producers of Insects for Feed and Food
IPMIntegrated Pest Management
IPMSImproving Productivity and Market Success of Ethiopian Farmers
IPNIInternational Plant Nutrition Institute
IPRIntellectual Property Right
IPR/IFRAInstitute Polytechnique Rural
IRInternational Relations, Institutional Research, Intermediate Reach, Invitation Request, Incoherent Recombining
IRDInland Revenue Department
IRECInstitutional Research Ethics Committee (ILRI)
IrishAidIrish Aid
IRMAInsect Resistant Maize for Africa
IRMCInstitute Research Management Committee
IRSInland Revenue Service, Internationally Recruited Staff
IRSATInstitut de Recherche en Sciences Appliquées et TechnologiesInstitut de Recherche en Sciences Appliquées et Technologies
ISACIndependent Scientific Advisory Committee
ISACInformation Service on Agriculture Change
ISCTRInternational Scientific Committee/Council for Trypanosomiasis Research
ISFMIntegrated Soil Ferility Management
ISIInternational Statistical Institute
ISNInterim Strategy Note
ISNARInternational Service for National Agricultural Research
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ISPInnovations Systems Perspective
ISPCCGIAR Independent Science & Partnership Council
ISPCIndependent Science & Partnership Council (of the CGIAR)
ISRAInstitut Sénégalais de Recherches Agricoles
ISRICISRIC - World Soil Information
ITInformation Technology
ITAACCInnovation Transfer into Agriculture - Adaptation to Climate Change
ITCInternational Trypanosomiasis Centre
ITPGRFAInternational Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
ITTAInternational Tropical Timber Agreement
IUCNInternational Union for Conservation of Nature
IUECAInter-University Council for East Africa
IWMIInternational Water Management Institute
IWRMPIrrigation and Water Resources Management Project
IYFFInternational Year of Family Farming, 2014
JKUATJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
JSCJoint Steering Committtee
KACPKenya Agricultural Carbon Project
KAGRCKenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre
KALROKenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
KAPKnowledge, Attitudes and Practices (the three being related, but not the same). See the URL for an example.
KAPPKnowledge, Attitudes, Perceptions and Practices
KARIKenya Agricultural Research Institute
KDFFKenya Dairy Farmers Federation
KDLPKenya Dry Lands Development Program
KEMRIKenya Medical Research Institute
KENASKenyan Accreditation Service
KEPHISKenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service
KEPSAKenyan Private Sector Alliance
KISSKeep It Simple to be Sustainable
KISTKigali Institute of Science and Technology (Rwanda)
KLBOKenya Livestock Breeders Association
KLIFTKenya Livestock Finance Trust
KMCKenya Meat Commission
KMDKenya Meteorological Department
KMISKnowledge Management and Information Services, Knowledge Management Information System
KMIS/PAKnowledge Management Information System / Public Awareness
KNBSKenya National Bureau of Statistics
KOSKeeep on Sharing
KRAKey Result Area
KRDPKenya Rural Development Programme
KRRAKey Research and Related Area
KUUniversity of Copenhagen
KVAKenya Veterinary Association
KVBKenya Veterinary Board
KWFTKenya Women Finance Trust
KWSKenya Wildlife Service
LACLatin America and Caribbean
LANAVETNational Veterinary Laboratory
LCLead Centre
LCVLaboratoire Central Vétérinaire du Mali
LDCLesser Developed Country
LDFLocal Development Fund
LDOLocal Development Officer
LEADLivestock, Environment And Development Initiative (of the FAO)
LEAPLivestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership (of the FAO)
LFLivestock and Fish (CRP 3.7)
LGILivelihoods Gender and Impacts
LIALetter of Interim Authority
LIFELocal Livestock for Empowerment
LIFSAPLivestock Competitiveness and Food Safety Project (Vietnam)
LIMSLaboratory Information and Management System
LITLivelihood Improvement Targets
LITSLivestock Identification and Traceability System
LIVESLivestock & Irrrigation Value Chains for Ethiopian Smallholders project
LMPLivestock Master Plan
LOLLand O'Lakes Inc
LPPLeague for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development. See also WISP.
LPZLivestock Production Zone
LRGLivestock Research Group
LSALivestock Sector Analysis
LSELivestock Systems & Environment
LSHTMLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
LSIELivelihood and Social Inclusion Expert
M & EMonitoring and Evaluation
MAAIFMinistry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Uganda
MAAIFMinistry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (Uganda)
MAEMinistero degli Affari Esteri
MAFCMinistry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Tanzania
MAKMakerere University in Uganda
MARSMarker Assisted Recurrent Selection
MBIMichigan Biotechnology Institute
MBSMarket-Based Solution
MCManagement Committee
MDGsMillennium Development Goals
MEDEPMicro Enterprise Development Program
MELMonitoring, Evaluation and Learning
MERSMiddle East Respiratory Syndrome
MFIMicro Finance Institution
MFW4AMaking Finance Work for Africa Partnership
MilkITMilk India Tanzania - an ILRI research programme
MINMaterials Issue Note
MLManagement Learning
MLNMaize Lethal Necrosis
MLNDMaize Lethal Necrosis Disease
MMIMapfura-Makhura Biofuels Incubator
MOAMinistry of Agriculture
MoAMinistry of Agriculture, Ethiopia
MOAFSMinistry of Agriculture and Food Security
MoLFDMinistry of Livestock and Fisheries Development, Kenya
MOPHMinistry of Public Health (Thailand)
MPNDMinistry of Planning and National Development, Kenya
MRCMedical Research Council
MRVMeasurement, Reporting and Verification
MSEMulti Stakeholder Engagement
MSMEMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises
MSME-DOMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation (India)
MSUMichigan State University
MTAMaterials Transfer Agreement - See also SMTA - Standard Materials Transfer Agreement
MTIPMedium-Term Investment Plan
MTPMedium-Term Plan
MTRMid Term Review
MTTNatural Resources Institute Finland
MUMakerere University
MUCHSMuhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences
N2AfricaA project focused on putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers growing legume crops
NAAIPNational Accelerated Agricultural Input Programme (Kenya)
NABNetNorth Africa Biosciences Network
NACOSTNational Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (Kenya)
NAESNational Agricultural Extension Service
NAFISNational Farmers Information Service (Kenya)
NAFSIPNational Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plan
NAFSNNew Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition
NAGIINational Animal Genetics Improvement Institute, Ethiopia
NAGRC&DBNational Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Databank (Uganda)
NAHPRINational Animal Health and Production Research Institute, Cambodia
NAIC EthiopiaNational Artificial Insemination Center, Ethiopia
NAIPNational Agricultural Innovation Project
NAISNational Agricultural Innovation System
NaLIRRINational Livestock Resources Research Institute
NAMANationally Appropriate Mitigation Action
NAMAThe National Agri-Marketing Association (USA)
NAPNational Action Plan, Natural Areas Program, Needs Assessment Profile or Plan
NAPANational Adaptation Program of Action
NARINational Agricultural Research Institute
NARINaliendele Agricultural Research Institute in Tanzania
NARONational Agricultural Research Organisation, Uganda
NARSNational Agricultural Research System
NaSARRINational Semi Arid Resources Research Institute, Uganda
NASEPNational Agriculture Sector Extension Policy (Kenya)
NASFAMNational Association of Smallholder Farmers (Malawi)
NBCRINorman Borlaug Commemorative Research Initiative
NBPNational Breeding Policy
NBSNile Basin Society
NCCAPNational Climate Change Action Plan (Kenya)
NCCRSNational Climate Change Response Strategy (Kenya )
NCDNewcastle Disease (of poultry). See also NDV (= Newcastle Disease Virus)
NCFNordic Climate Facility - NCF is financed by the NDF and administered by the NEFCO
NCPNational Contact Point
NCSTNational Council for Science and Technology (Kenya)
NCSUNorth Carolina State University
NDDBNational Dairy Development Board (India)
NDFNordic Development Fund (administered by the NEFCO)
NDMANational Drought Management Authority-Kenya
NDVNewcastle Disease Virus (of poultry). Also known as NCD = Newcastle Disease)
NDVINormalized Differentiated Vegetation Index - see IBLI
NEALCONorth East Africa Livestock Council (See also IGAD)
NECOFANetwork for Ecofarming in Africa (Kenya)
NECOFANetwork for Ecofarming in Africa
NEFCONordic Environment Finance Corporation
NEMANational Environment Management Agency (Uganda)
NEPADNew Partnership for Africa's Development Secretariat
NERCNatural Environment Research Council
NERCNatural Environment Research Council (UK)
NESNucleus Estate and Smallholder
NFPCSPNational Food Policy Capacity Strengthening Programme (Bangladesh)
NGONon-Governmental Organization
NI-MSMENational Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (india)
NIABINetwork of Indian Agri-Business Incubators
NIASNational Institute of Animal Science, Vietnam
NICRANational Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (India)
NICRANegotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, Negotiated Indirect Cost Recovery Agreement
NINNational Institute of Nutrition, Vietnam
NIVRNational Institute of Veterinary Research, Vietnam
NM-AISTNelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology
NMANo More Acronyms
NNFUNamibian National Farmers' Union
NoradNorwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
NPCANEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency
NPDNational Programme Director
NPKNitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (fertiliser)
NPMNational Programme Manager
NRFNational Research Foundation of South Africa
NRMNatural Resource Management
NRSNationally Recruited Staff
NRTTNavajbai Ratan Tata Trust, an Allied Trust of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust - see SRTT
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSONational Statistical Office
NSTICNational Science, Technology and Innovation Council
NTWGNational Technical Working Group, New Technologies Working Group
NUCAFENational Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises
NUSNeglected and Underutilised Species
NWONetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
NYUNew York University
NZAPNew Zealand Aid Programme (managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade)
OAOpen Access (often referring to research data sharing and publication)
OADBOromiya Agriculture Development Bureau
OARIOromia Agricultural Research Institute
OAUOrganisation of African Unity. See AU.
OCAOpen Capital Advisors
OCSOne Common System
ODAOverseas Development Agency
ODIOverseas Development Institute
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OFABOpen Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
OFIDOPEC Fund for International Development
OIEWorld Organisation for Animal Health
OPOperating Project
OPECOrganisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OSPOrange Sweet Potato
OVIOnderstepoort Veterinary Institute - South Africa
OVOPOne Village One Product
OWAOutlook Web Application
OXFAMOxfam International
P2IPathway to Impact
PAAPPolicy Analysis and Advocacy Programme (of ASARECA)
PAATProgramme Against African Trypanosomiasis
PACAPartnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa
PACAPartnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa
PACEPan African Programme for the Control of Epizootics
PACWGPriority Assessment Criteria Working Group
PADProject Appraisal Document
PAEPARDPlatform for African - European Partnership on Agricultural Research for Development
PAFPoverty Alleviation Fund
PAFOPan African Farmers Organization
PAGPastoralist Advisory Group
PanAACPan African Agribusiness & Agroindustry Consortium
PANVACPan-African Veterinary Vaccine Centre
PARCPan African Rinderpest Campaign
PASSProgramme for Africas Seed Systems
PATTECPan African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campaign
PBSProgram for Biosafety Systems
PCAARRDPhilippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development
PCCPartners Coordinating Committee
PCGPartial Credit Guarantee
PEParticipative Epidemiology, Productive Employment
PEARLProgram for Emerging African Agricultural Research Leaders
PEGNetPoverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network
PENAPHParticipatory Epidemiology Network for Animal and Public Health
PENUParticipatory Epidemiology Network in Uganda. Established in Dec 2012 under the umbrella of PENAPH
PESPayments for Environmental Services
PFID-NPParnership for Food Industry Development/ Natural Products (USAID funded, SubSaharan Africa)
PGRFAPlant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
PHMPost-Harvest Management
PIPrincipal Investigator (in a research programme)
PIAProgram Implementation Agreement
PIKPotsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
PIMPolicies, Institutions and Markets (a CGIAR research program)
PIPProject Implementation Plan
PLEPeople, Livestock and Environment (an ILRI research theme)
PLWHA People Living With HIV/AIDS
PMCPlanning and Management Committee
PMDProject Management Department
PMISProject Management Information System
PMOProgram Management Office / Officer
PMTProject Management Team
PMUProject Management Unit
PNASProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (of the United States of America)
POAPlan of Action
POCPoint of Care, e.g. for a diagnostic test
POPProgram Oversight Panel
POWBProgram of Work and Budget
PPAPublic-Private Alliance (see also PPP)
PPCRPilot Program for Climate Resilience
PPLPIPro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative (of the FAO)
PPMCProgram Planning & Management Committee
PPMTProgram Planning and Management Committee
PPPPublic Private Partnership (see also PPA), Purchasing Power Parity
PPRPeste des Petit Ruminants (also known as Ovine Rinderpest or Goat Plague)
PRParticipatory Research, Public Relations
PRAParticipatory Rural Appraisal - see also RRA
PRADANProfessional Assistance for Development Action
PRIProgram Related Investment (a term used in particular by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation)
PRIMASPoverty Reduction Intervention Mapping in Agricultural Systems
PROLINNOVAPromoting local innovation in ecologically oriented agricultural and natural resource management
PROPACSub - regional Platform of Peasant Organizations of Central Africa
PROTAPlant Resources for Tropical Africa
PRRSPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRSV = PRRS Virus)
PRSPPoverty Reduction Strategy Programme
PSPrivate Sector
PSDProject Specific Data
PSDAPromotion of Private Sector in Agriculture (Kenya)
PSIAPoverty and Social Impact Analysis
PSSFPilot Small Scale Farmers
PTAPolicy and Technical Advisory
PTCCProject Technical Coordination Committee
QTLQuantitative Trait Loci
QWECIQuantifying Weather and Climate Impacts on Health in Developing Countries
R+DResearch and Development
R4DResearch for Development
RABRwanda Agricultural Board
RAMRisk Assessment Matrix / Methodology
RAPPRural Agriculture and Pastoralism Programme
RARIRegional Agricultural Research Institute
RBARights Based Approach
RBMSResults Based Management System
RCMRDRegional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development. See also IGAD and ICPALD.
RCTRandomised Control Trial
RDARural Development Administration (for South Korea and beyond)
RDAResource Description and Access
RDAResearch Data Alliance
RDARecommended Daily Intake
RDARural Development Administration
REAPRural Enterprise Assistance Programme
RECONCILEResource Conflict Institute
REDDUnited Nations collaborative initiative on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation
REPAOCREPAOC consists of 10 National NGO Platforms - French
RFPRequest for Proposal (See also CFP)
RIDEPRural Initiative Development Program
RLHDA Regional Livestock Health and Development Agency
RLPResilience Learning Project
RMDCRural Microfinance Development Centre
RMGResearch and Management Group, Research Methods Group
ROARegional Office for Africa
ROPPANetwork of West Africa Peasant and Agricultural Producers Organizations
RPCCRegional Project Coordination Committee
RPEResearch, Production and Extension
RPFResettlement Policy Framework
RPICRegional Project Implementation Committee
RPSURegional Project Support Unit
RQReview Question
RRARapid Rural Appraisal - see also PRA
RS&TResearch Science & Technology
RSRFRural Self Reliance Fund
RTBRoots, Tubers and Bananas (a CGIAR research program)
RTTCPRegional Tetse and Trypanosomiasis Control Programme
RUFORUMRegional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (Eastern, Central & Southern Africa)
RVCRoyal Veterinary College
RVFRift Valley Fever
S3AScience Agenda for Agriculture in Africa
SASituation Analysis, South Africa, South Asia, Social Assessment
SAAGSouth Asia Analysis Group
SAAISEDA Aluwani Agri Incubator
SABIMASafe Biotechnology Management in Sub - Saharan Africa
SACScience Advisory Committee, Stakeholder Advisory Committee
SACAUSouthern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions
SACCAR Southern African Centre for Cooperation in Agriculture Natural Resources Research and Training
SACDEPSustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme
SACEMASouth African Centre for Epidemiology Modelling and Analysis
SADC/FANRSouthern African Development Community / Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources
SAGScience Advisory Group
SAGCOTSouthern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania
SANBioSouthern Africa Network for Biosciences
SAPPLPPSouth Asia Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Programme
SASASociety for the Advancement of Science in Africa
SASHASweetpotato Action for Security and Health in Africa
SBCCSocial and Behavior Change Communication
SCScience Council, Steering Committee
SCMSteering Committee Meeting / Member
SDAEDistrict Services for Economic Activities
SDCSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
SDPSmallholder Dairy Project
SDSNSustainable Development Solutions Network (of the United Nations)
SDVCStrengthening the Dairy Value Chain (in Bangladesh)
SESupervising Entity
SEASouth-East Asia
SEDASmall Enterprise Development Agency (South Africa)
SEGOLIPSequencing Genotyping and OligoSynthesis and Proteomics
SEIStockholm Environmental Institute
SEIStockholm Environment Institute
SFDBSmall Farmers Development Bank
SFFFSafe Food, Fair Food
SFOAPSupport to Farmers Organizations in Africa Programme. See also FOSCA.
SFRISoils and Fertilisers Research Institute (Vietnam)
SFSASyngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
SGRPSystemwide Genetic Resources Programme
SHFSmall Holder Farmer
SIAPSustainable Intensification of Agriculture Project - Kenya, funded by GIZ
SIDASwedish International Development Agency
SIDAISidai Africa = A network of centres to provide high-quality livestock services in rural Kenya.
SIMLESASustainable Intensification of Maize - Legume cropping systems for food security Eastern and Southern Africa
SITSterile Insect Technique
SKMStrategy and Knowledge Management
SLASustainable Livelihood Approach
SLMSustainable Land Management
SLOSystem Level Objective
SLPCGIAR Systemwide Livestock Programme
SLUSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
SMASingle Mothers Association
SMEDASmall and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Pakistan)
SMEsSmall Market Enterprises / Small & Medium Sized Enterprises
SMFSocial Management Framework
SMSSubject Matter Specialist
SMTAStandard Materials Transfer Agreement (of the ITPGRFA = the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture)
SNPSingle Nucleotide Polymorphism
SNVSNV Netherlands Development Organisation
SOSigning Official
SPSystem Priority
SPACScience & Partnership Advisory Committee
SPCRStrategic Program for Climate Resilience
SPEEDSupport for Private Enterprise Expansion and Development
SPHISweet Potatoe for Profit and Health Initiative
SPIAStanding Panel on Impact Assessment (of the CGIAR)
SPNNSouthern People Nations and Nationalities
SPPProvincial Livestock Services of Gaza and Tete provinces
SPRINGStrengthening Partnerships, Results and Innovations in Nutrition Globally - A USAID project
SPSSanitary and Phyto-Sanitary
SRDCentre for Sustainable Rural Development (Vietnam)
SROSub-Regional Organisation
SRPStrategic Research Portfolio
SRTStrategic Research Theme
SRTTSir Ratan Tata Trust Fund
SSASub-Saharan Africa
SSFSmall Scale Farmers (See also PSSF = Pilot Small Scale Farmers)
STEPSSocial, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability
STPHSwiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
SUSyracuse University
SUASokoine University of Agriculture
SUNScaling Up Nutrition movement
SUNRAYSustainable Nutrition Research for Africa in the Years to come
SVASwedish National Veterinary Institute
SVDCSorghum Value Chain Development Consortium
SWASector Wide Approach
SWADESwaziland Water and Agricultural Development Enterprise
SWATSoil and Water Assessment Tool
SWEPSystem Wide and Ecoregional Programme
Swiss TPHSwiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
Swiss TPHSwiss Tropical and Public Health Institute
SWPSystem Wide Program
TATechnical Assistance, Traditional Authority
TACTechnical Advisory Committee
TACRITanzania Coffee Research Institute
TADTrans-boundary Animal Disease
TAETertiary Agricultural Education
TAFIRITanzania Fisheries Research Institute
TAFORITanzania Forestry Research Institute
TALENSTranscription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases (a technology for targeted genome editing)
TALIRITanzania Livestock Research Institute
TALIRITanzania Livestock Research Institute
TAMUTexas A & M University
TANTechnical Advisory Note
TAPTropical Agriculture Platform (2014: Christian Hoste - Agreenium - chairs the TAP steering committee)
TAWIRITanzania Wildlife Research Institute
TBDTick Borne Disease, To Be Determined
TBITechnology Business Incubator
TCTechnical Consortium
TCCIATanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture
TCDTrinity College Dublin
TDBTechnology Development Board
TDBTanzania Dairy Board
TEAM-AfricaTertiary Education for Agriculture Mechanism for Africa
TechFitA tool for feed technology prioritisation (See also FEAST)
TERIEnergy and Resources Institute
TFPTotal Factor Productivity
TiHoUniversity of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (Germany)
TIPTargeted Inputs Program
TLUTropical Livestock Unit
TNUThai Nguyen University
TOCTheory of Change
TORTerms of Reference
TORITATobacco Research Institute (Tanzania)
TOTTraining of Trainers
TOTOA project dedicated to sharing world agricultural information using actionable formats
TPRITropical Pesticides Research Institute (Tanzania)
TRITTea Research Institute of Tanzania
TROCAIREThe official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland
TSPTechnology Supply Push
TSUTexas State University
TSZTanzanian Short Horn Zebu
TVEsTownship and Villages Enterprises
TWASThe World Academy of Sciences (for advancement of science in developing countries)
TWCsThird World Countries
UAFUniversity of Agriculture Faisalabad
UAF-AfricaUrgent Action Fund-Africa
UBUniversity of Berne
UBOSUganda Bureau of Statistics
UCDUniversity College Dublin
UCLUniversity College London
UCPHUniversity of Copenhagen
UCTUniversity of Cape Town
UDSMUniversity of Dar es Salaam
UEMEduardo Mondlane University
UFSUniversity of the Free State
UIUniversity of Ibadan
UK aidUnited Kingdom government
ULiègeUniversity of Liège
UNCCDUnited Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
UNCSTUganda National Council for Science and Technology
UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEUniversity of New England
UNFCCCUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
UNiBRAINUniversities, Business and Researching Agricultural Innovation
UNISWAUniversity of Swaziland
UNSPPAUganda National Seed Potato Producers Association
UNUUnited Nations University
UofKUniversity of Khartoum
UoLUniversity of Liverpool
UoNUniversity of Nairobi
UoNUniversity of Nottingham
UPUniversity of Pretoria
UPLB/ISPPSUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños
UPUUrban and Peri-Urban areas
UQUniversity of Queensland
USAIDUnited States Agency for International Development
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
USDAU.S. Department of Agriculture
USRDUnited States Civilian Research & Development Foundation
UVASUniversity of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
UVMUniversity of Vermont
VACVulnerability Action Committee
VAHWVillage Animal Health Worker
VCAValue Chain Analysis
VCDValue Chain Development
VCNNational Institute of Animal Husbandry
VDCVillage Development Committee
VEDCOVolunteer Efforts For Development Concerns
VIDO-InterVacVaccine and Infectious Disease Organisation - International Vaccine Centre (Canada)
VITOFlemish institute for technological research
VNUAVietnam National University of Agriculture
VSFVétérinaires sans Frontières Canada
VSFVétérinaires sans Frontières Europa
VSFVétérinaires sans Frontières Belgium
W1CGIAR Window 1 Funding.
W2CGIAR Window 2 Funding.
W3CGIAR Window 3 Funding.
WAAPPWest Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme
WAARIWest African Agribusiness Resource Incubator
WABEFWestern Africa Biowastes for Energy and Fertilizer
WABNetWest Africa Biosciences Network
WACASAWageningen (university) Centre for Agroecology and Systems Analysis
WACCIWest Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (Ghana)
WALICWest Africa Livestock Innovation Centre
WAMIPWorld Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples. See also WISP
WANAWest Asia North Africa region
WASIThe Western Highlands Agriculture & Forestry Science Institute (Vietnam)
WBWorld Bank
WBWorld Bank
WECARDWest and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development
WEFWith Effect From
WEFWorld Economic Forum
WEMAWater Efficient Maize for Africa
WFPWorld Food Programme
WGWorking Group
WIASWageningen (university) Institute of Animal Science
WILDWomen in Livestock Development
WISPWorld Initiative on Sustainable Pastoralism
WLECGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems
WOTRONetherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research
WRFWorld Rural Forum
WRIWorld Resources Institute
WRSWarehouse Receipt System
WSPAWorld Society for the Protection of Animals - Africa Regional Office is in Nairobi
WSUWashington State University
WTPWillingness to Pay
WUWollega University
WUOWater Users Association
WURWageningen University and Research
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund
YARDYouth Action for Rural Development
YIAYouth in Agriculture
YPARDYoung Professionals in Agricultural Research for Development.
ZEFZentrum für Entwicklungsforschung
ZimCLIFSIntegrating Crops and Livestock for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Zimbabwe