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ILRI research to better control classical swine fever, also called hog cholera and pig plague, a highly contagious viral disease of pigs of all ages, usually killing the animals within two weeks of infection. The disease is endemic in the states of northeast India, where pig husbandry and meat eating are ubiquitous among the tribal communities that inhabit this remote region, isolated from the rest of India except through a slender corridor flanked by foreign territories. This article, one of a series being posted on the ILRI News blog, is one of 21 stories published in the ILRI Corporate Report 2014–2015, which you'll find here: Continue reading ...

ILRI news blog, Jan/2016

Despite the crucial role played by dairy development plays in strengthening the economy and job creation in rural Bihar, milk productivity has hardly increased in decades. Recent increases in milk production have been driven by increases in the number of animals. A study at the International Livestock Research Institute, published in January 2016, sets out the challenges facing the sector and suggests a way forward, the establishment of a multi-stakeholder consultation forum/platform to share and discuss the nature of interventions each organization is undertaking in the dairy livestock sector. Continue reading

ILRI Asia, Jan/2016

In collaboration with other CSISA partners, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has been helping crop-livestock farmers to boost income and milk production by increasing the availability of fodder, promoting efficient use of cereal residues and improving the quality of supplementary feeds in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Continue reading

ILRI Asia, Jan/2016

Last month (15 December 2015), ILRI researchers and agriculture sector partners in Nagaland discussed the process of ‘framing a pig breeding policy’ in the state at a workshop that reviewed current evidence from ongoing pig farming research. The meeting also generated recommendations for a pig breeding policy in the state, which among other goals, aims to develop pig breeds/cross-breeds that are adaptable, productive and appropriate for the smallholder pig farmers in Nagaland. Continue reading

ILRI Asia, Jan/2016

Three projects on innovative farmers' cooperatives, best farming practices in hilly areas and better marketing of milk were winners at recent awards for Innovation Platforms (IP) Case Study Competitions held in Kampala. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Dec/2015

Insufficient supply of feed and fodder for animals remains a problem for dairy farmers in India, particularly in the state of Bihar. Feed and fodder scarcity limits animal productivity of products such as meat and milk, resulting in reduced incomes especially for smallholder dairy farmers. Continue reading

ILRI Asia, Nov/2015

This report shares results and lessons on productivity-enhancing feed interventions developed through MilkIT, a project to promote milk production in India and Tanzania. Continue reading

Livestock Feed and Fodder blog, Nov/2015

‘Dairy farmers can feed it to animals every day’, says agricultural economist Dhiraj Singh, referring to a mineral mixture feed that is increasing milk production from dairy cows in Bihar, India.
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ILRI Asia, Oct/2015

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Bihar Agricultural University (BAU) recently discussed possibilities of collaboration on livestock research for development in Bihar, India.

In a meeting held 8-10 October 2015, the two institutes identified areas of mutual interest such as food safety, zoonotic diseases and animal nutrition as opportunities for developing joint proposals and projects.
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ILRI Asia, Oct/2015

Originally posted on ILRI Asia:
The CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish recently reviewed its current projects and activities in India and set plans for 2016 and beyond. At a review and planning meeting held 24-26 September 2015 at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in Varanasi City in Uttar Pradesh, progress of the Livestock…

Livestock and Fish, Oct/2015


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