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Watch three animated videos explaining key messages from the milkIT (enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed innovation) project. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, Sep/2016
Multi-stakeholder innovation platforms were set up at different levels as part of the milkIT project, resulting in more milk sales, more interactions and better linkages among different value chain actors in India, and, in Tanzania, access to a larger variety of better feeds. This video explains how the milkIT project worked with innovation platforms Continue reading →
Livestock Feed and Fodder blog, Sep/2016
Nagaland launches a comprehensive state pig-breeding policy, the first of its kind in India, developed through participatory and consultative processes. Continue reading →
ILRI news blog, Sep/2016
The milkIT project hypothesis was that improvements in milk markets would lead to increased productivity by farmers. This video explains the approaches followed: linking farmers to markets (using market ‘pull’ to drive productivity increases) and farmers' productivity increases which will attract the market to them. Continue reading →
Livestock Feed and Fodder blog, Aug/2016
The Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST) was one of the key tools used in the milkIT project to assess local feed resource availability and use, guiding targeting and appropriate intervention strategies. This video explains how FEAST was used in the project: Continue reading →
Livestock Feed and Fodder blog, Aug/2016
Originally posted on ILRI Asia: ILRI scientists Hung Nguyen and Johanna Lindahl (fifth and sixth from right) at a One Health/EcoHealth seminar on capacity building in India (photo credit: Public Health Foundation in India). One Health and EcoHealth approaches have gained a foothold in Southeast Asia in recent years, especially in Vietnam. In India, One…
AgHealth, Aug/2016
To promote One Health/EcoHealth mainstreaming in India, two scientists from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) recently participated in two seminars in New Delhi to share their research experiences that can be useful for India’s efforts at mainstreaming One Health/EcoHealth capacity building in the country. Continue reading →
ILRI Asia, Aug/2016
I was impressed by how much India’s women food producers make the most out of their situations, how often they thrive in what they do despite constraints, how few view themselves as victims of their circumstances, how often, and with what assurance and purposefulness, they exercise agency. Continue reading →
ILRI news blog, Aug/2016
This is the eleventh in a series of articles on ‘Curds and goats, lives and livelihoods—A dozen stories from northern and eastern India’. PART 11: India's addiction to milk as a diabetes pandemic moves to the villages Continue reading →
ILRI news blog, Jul/2016
Originally posted on ILRI Asia: According to a report undertaken by the International Livestock Research Institute report on ‘commercializing the smallholder goat sector in India’, there is huge potential to enhance the livelihoods of and business opportunities for poor farmers in the rural areas of the states of Bihar, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. Key recommendations…
ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Jul/2016


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