Impact at scale program

The Impact at Scale Program will be responsible for the development and management of scaling/development projects. These may be projects that are led by ILRI or in which ILRI is a partner. The Program will ensure that technologies and approaches that ILRI (and others) have proven are taken to scale and incorporated into development projects. It will both respond to demand from donors, governments, development banks etc. and propose ideas/projects to investors. It may be leading projects of be sub-contracted as a partner in projects. A critical feature of this program (unique selling point) will be that approaches, interventions and activities will be evidence-based, drawing on research outputs from ILRI and others.

This page brings together ILRI and partner resources on Impact at scale. It shows information on projects, news items, research outputs, video materials and presentations as well as ILRI people working on Impact at scale. See where ILRI works; and the research issues it works on.

Contact: Iain Wright, Siboniso Moyo

Outputs: Reports and documents




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