Expanding livestock production in Asia and Africa key to environmental as well as human welfare gains—New study

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Above and below: stone carving bas reliefs from the ruins of ancient Persepolis,
capital city of the Persian empire, 5th Century B.C.

Those concerned that the rising demand for milk, meat and eggs in lower incomes countries spells only environmental harm should take note of this new scientific paper:

Supporting sustainable expansion
of livestock production
in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa:
Scenario analysis of investment options.

Published this month in Global Food Security and led by scientists at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), this paper confirms a wealth of similar evidence showing that, with sufficient and targeted investments in their livestock sectors, many low- and middle-income countries can achieve both better nutrition and incomes for the poor and greatly reduced greenhouse gas emission and agricultural water use.ancientpersepolis_twosheepwiththreemen.jpg?w=610

The paper shows howoptimizing livestock’s benefitscan generate win-win outcomesfor people and the planet.

Here’s the abstract to…

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