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Marking the Open Access Week 2021 with a focus on research output from ILRI’s Policies, Institutions and Livelihoods Program

Policies, institutions and livelihoods

This year’s International Open Access Week is being held between 25–31 October. The theme is 'It matters how we open knowledge: Building structural equity.'

The International Open Access Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness about research outputs published in open access to enable their widespread online accessibility.

In line with this year’s theme that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, the Elsevier Journal Publisher picked one of our recent publications and highlighted it here. This is part of work done under the ILRI’s Policies, Institutions and Livelihoods Program, which seeks to maximize livestock-mediated welfare and livelihoods among women and men smallholder and pastoral producers and their communities, and increase the availability of quality animal-source food to poor consumers.

In marking this year’s International Open Access Week, here is a list of more open access publications from our program.

Journal articles

  • Mtimet, N., Wanyoike, F., Rich, K.M. and Baltenweck, I. 2021. Zoonotic diseases and the COVID-19 pandemic: Economic impacts on Somaliland’s livestock exports to Saudi Arabia. Global Food Security 28:100512.
  • Cooper, G.S., Shankara, B., Rich, Karl M., Ratna, N.N., Alam, M.J., Singh, N. and Kadiyala, S. 2021. Can fruit and vegetable aggregation systems better balance improved producer livelihoods with more equitable distribution? World Development 148:105678.
  • Enahoro, D., Galiè, A., Abukari, Y., Chiwanga, G.H., Kelly, T.R., Kahamba, J., Massawe, F.A., Mapunda, F., Jumba, H., Weber, C., Dione, M., Kayang, B. and Ouma, E. 2021. Strategies to upgrade animal health delivery in village poultry systems: Perspectives of stakeholders from northern Ghana and central zones in Tanzania. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8: 601878.
  • Habiyaremye, N., Ouma, E.A., Mtimet, N. and Obare, G.A. 2021. A review of the evolution of dairy policies and regulations in Rwanda and its implications on inputs and services delivery. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8:611298.
  • Flax, V.L., Ouma, E.A., Izerimana, L., Schreiner, M.-A., Brower, A.O., Niyonzima, E., Nyilimana, C., Ufitinema, A. and Uwineza, A. 2021. Animal source food social and behaviour change communication intervention among Girinka live-stock transfer beneficiaries in Rwanda: A cluster randomized evaluation. Global Health Science Practice 9(3).


  • Lukuyu, B., Mutambo, I. and Ouma, E. 2021. Gender dynamics and social implications of improved planted forages in smallholder dairy systems in Kenya. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Girard, A.W., Adere, J., Dominguez-Salas, P., Bruyn, J. de, Kedera, E., Cyriac, S., Galie, A. and Baltenweck, I. 2021. Nutrition, social and behaviour change strategy for dairy development programs in western and southeastern Kenya. ILRI Research Report 73. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Omondi, I., Baltenweck, I., Kariuki, E., Kinuthia, E. Korir, L. 2021. Women empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) study in East Africa Dairy Development project sites in Tanzania: Survey report. ILRI Research Report 74. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Ouma, E., Lukuyu, B., Dione, M, Sebatta, C., Namazzi, S. and Lutakome, P. 2021. Pork value chain businesses: A scoping study of pig aggregators, veterinary drug stockists and feed processors in central region, Uganda. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Weber, C., Baltenweck, I., Staal, S., Gibson, J., Mrode, R. and Mwai, O.A. 2021. Potential farmer demand for a dairy genomic assay technology. ILRI Research Report 79. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.


  • Kotchofa, P., Rich, K., Baltenweck, I. and Dione, M. 2021. Macroeconomic impact assessment of peste des petits ruminants (PPR) in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso. ILRI Research Brief 102. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Cooper, G.S., Shankar, B., Rich, K.M., Kadiyala, S., Ratna, N.N., Alam, M.J., Rana, V., Singh, N. and Nadagouda, S. 2021. Challenges to making producer-oriented fruit & vegetable value chain interventions more consumer-sensitive in Bihar, India. MINI (Market Intervention for Nutritional Improvement) Research Brief 1. London: School of Oriental and African Studies.
  • Baltenweck, I. 2021. Improved data collection could pinpoint promising strategies for women’s empowerment through livestock development. CGIAR GENDER PLATFORM Evidence Explainer. Nairobi, Kenya: CGIAR GENDER Platform.
  • Namatovu, J., Campbell, Z. and Ouma, E. 2021. The role of gender dimensions in the transmission and control of Rift Valley fever in Uganda. ILRI Project Brief. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.


  • Ellenberger, J., Iannotti, L., Balakana, J., Assefa, G., Ouma, E., Zerfu, T., Harvey, D. and Baltenweck, I. 2021. Leveraging livestock to combat malnutrition: Perspectives from East Africa. Presented at the Livestock and Livelihoods Webinar Series, 7 July 2021. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Guthiga, P., Kirui, L., Karugia, J. and Ahid, M. 2021. Assessing community vulnerability to COVID-19 in Kenya: A spatial outlook. Presented at a webinar, 22 April 2021. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Baltenweck, I. 2021. Livestock master plans (LMP). Presented at the UN Food System Summit Science Days Side Event on Decision-making for Sustainable Livestock: Capitalizing on Models, Data and Communications, 7 July 2021. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.
  • Colverson, K.E. 2021. Engaging men in supporting maternal and child consumption of milk and other animal source foods in Rwanda. Presented during the Train the Trainers Workshop held in Kigali, Rwanda, 8-10 March 2021. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida.
  • Lukuyu, B.A. and Ouma, E.A. 2021. Uganda MorePork project intervention plan 2021 – Research ideas for post 2021. Presented at the Uganda ‘MorePork’ project stakeholder workshop, Kampala, 23-24 February 2021. Nairobi: ILRI.

Galié, A. 2021. Celebrating IWD 2021: Focus on women in gender research and leadership – Alessandra Galié. Video. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.


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