What was the impact of dairy goats distributed by the crop-goat project in Tanzania?

In Tanzania most goat production is extensive and aimed at selling live animals with limited direct impact on food security and nutrition.

The Crop and Goat Project (CGP), implemented in Kongwa and Mvomero districts, aimed at improving income, food security and nutrition of poor households by promoting dairy goat production integrated with cassava and sweet potatoes. Within the project area, village leaders generated a list of 70 potential goat recipients in each of the 4 intervention villages, based on resources and capacity. Out of these, 108 households received a total of 229 dairy goats over the project period.

This poster, produced for the Tropentag 2016 conference, highlights findings from an evaluation of the impacts of introducing dairy goats on income, assets and food consumption in the two districts in Morogoro region.