Biosciences eastern and central Africa, with its Hub at the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya (the BecA-ILRI Hub) is a co-creation of the African Union's New Partnership for Africa's Development (AU/NEPAD) and ILRI. This shared research platform enables African science leaders to solve some of Africa's key agricultural challenges, through the applications of modern biotechnology.

The Hub has five core operational areas that include 1) capacity building through research, 2) research on key agricultural development priorities, 3) technology platforms development and services, 4) networking and institution strengthening, and 5) product development and pathways to impact.  In delivering its mission under the five core operational areas, the BecA-ILRI Hub focuses on the high-end biosciences that are complementary to capabilities already available in various national institutes and universities within the region.

The Bioinnovate Africa funding mechanism is associated with the Hub.

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