ILRI - Calf House 


1.The Contractor is required to check the numbers of the pages and if any is found to be missing or in duplicate or the figures or writing indistinct, he must inform the Quantity Surveyor at once and have the same rectified.
2. The Contractor shall not alter or otherwise qualify the text of these Bills of Quantities. Any alteration or qualification made without authority will be ignored and the text of the Bills of Quantities as printed will be adhered to.
3. The Contractor shall be deemed to have made allowance in his prices generally to cover items of Preliminaries or additions to Prime Cost Sums or other items.
4. All items of measured works shall be priced in detail and tenders containing lumpsum to cover traders or groups of work must be broken down to show prices for each item before they are accepted. Lumpsum to cover items of preliminaries shall likewise be broken down if so required.
5. The Contractor is solely responsible for the accurate ordering of materials in accordance with the Drawings and or Architect’s instructions and no claims for any loss or expense will be entertained for orders for materials based upon the Bills of Quantities.
6. The Bills of Quantities must be priced in Kenya Currency, i.e. Shillings and Cents.