Capacity development at ILRI

Capacity Development at ILRI involves the development of attitudes, skills, institutional set ups as well as knowledge in agricultural research and development. ILRI works with individuals, organizations and institutions engaged in research and development as well as those making agricultural investment decisions at all levels across the sector. ILRI views its Capacity Development work as an integral element to successful livestock research for development. This refers to the intentional and purpose-driven efforts to increase the capacity of its stakeholders to undertake and use research to generate development outcomes and scale up in a sustainable manner. In this respect, Capacity Development is an integral and essential part of successful livestock research for development that delivers outcomes and impact. 

Capacity Development in ILRI focuses on 5 areas
1) Embedding Capacity Development into research projects and CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs)
2) Developing Institutional Capacity
3) Conceptualizing, testing, adapting and disseminating Innovative Training
4) Developing Innovative Training Approaches 
5) Facilitating ILRI’s Graduate Fellowship Program
Our work in this area is facilitated by our Capacity Development Unit (CapDev)
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