Daniel Nthiwa

Daniel Nthiwa

ILRI Consultant

Daniel Nthiwa is a research scientist who recently completed his PhD in Applied Microbiology (Epidemiology option) at the Department of Animal and Human Health, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). His PhD project investigated on how different land uses and varying levels of livestock-wildlife interactions affect the transmission dynamics of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), Brucella spp. and Leptospira spp. in cattle in Maasai Mara, south-western Kenya. His research interests are in epidemiology, ecology and modelling of infectious diseases. Daniel is a consultant in the Department of Animal and Human Health at ILRI, and will support postgraduate students in the co-infection project, particularly on data analysis and manuscript development.

My Projects


Co-infection with Rift Valley fever virus, Brucella spp. and Coxiella burnetii in humans and animals in Kenya: Disease burden and ecological factors