Han Jianlin

Han Jianlin

Scientist, Population Geneticist

Han Jianlin, a Chinese citizen, was born in a village in northwestern China. He received a Bachelor Degree in agricultural science from Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) in China in 1984. From 1984 to 2000, he was a teaching assistant and an associate professor on animal genetics and breeding in the department of animal science at GAU. There, he undertook cytogenetic, biochemical and molecular genetic studies as well as breeding research in indigenous Chinese livestock (camel, yak, cattle, sheep, goat, pig, horse, donkey and chicken). In 2000, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in molecular ecology and ecological genetics from the State Key Laboratory of Arid Agro-Ecology of Lanzhou University in China. He was awarded several scholarships, which gave him opportunities to visit and/or to work in universities or research institutions in around 40 developed and developing countries. He set up the International Yak Information Centre in 1994, now hosted at GAU, and he is the editor of the International Yak Newsletter. He was the main organizer of the International Congresses on Yak held in Lanzhou (1994), Xining (1997), Lhasa (2000) and Chengdu (2004). His research interests are animal husbandry in extreme ecological environments of the high Hindu Kush Himalayan region and the central Asian steppes (yak) as well as in the low central Asian deserts (Bactrian camel). He has authored or co-authored around 140 scientific publications. He joined ILRI in April 2001 to work on the genetic characterization, conservation and improvement of indigenous animal genetic resources in Asia and Africa.


• July 1984 - February 1993: Teaching Assistant, Gansu Agricultural University, China
• February 1993 - September 2002: Associate Professor, Gansu Agricultural University, China
• Since October 2002: Professor, Gansu Agricultural University, China
• June – December 1999: Research Fellow, ILRI
• April 2001 – April 2003: Post-Doctorate Scientist, ILRI
• Since May 2003: Scientist, ILRI
• Since January 2005: first level of Principal and Elitist Scientist, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), China


Improving Animal Genetic Resources Characterization


Animal & Plant Cytogenetics, Animal Biochemical Genetics, Animal Molecular Genetics & Breeding / Animal Genetic Diversity and Conservation


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Genetic and morphological characterization of the Ankole Longhorn cattle in the African Great Lakes region

My Publications

Efficiency of an alkaline, thermostable, detergent compatible and organic solvent tolerant lipase with hydrolytic potential in biotreatment of wastewater

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  • Han Jianlin
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Markhor-derived introgression of PAPSS2 confers high-altitude adaptability in Tibetan goats

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Fecal microbiota was reshaped in UCP1 knock-in pigs via the Adipose-Liver-Gut Axis and contributed to less fat deposition

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Fourth Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes 2022

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Genome-wide analysis of Circular RNAs reveals circCHRNG regulates sheep myoblast proliferation via miR-133/SRF and MEF2A Axis

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Genomic adaptation of Ethiopian indigenous cattle to high altitude

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