Hu Suk Lee

Dr. Lee graduated from veterinary school in 2005 in South Korea. After that, he was working in Tanzania for two and half years (2005-2007) as a veterinary officer under the Korean government. In 2007, he joined Pfizer (Wyeth) as a clinical research associate for a year. Since then, he obtained a Master’s degree in Control of Infectious Diseases in Animals in 2009 in the UK, and graduated with a PhD regarding public health and epidemiology in 2013 in the United States. Then, he moved to Paris and worked at the Animal Health Information Department in the OIE as a veterinary epidemiologist. He took part in a variety of epidemiologic projects related to mainly zoonotic diseases (Rift valley fever, leptospirosis and brucellosis) using different large and complex population datasets. In addition, he was involved in spatial analysis using various software.

My publications