Jeanne Fair

Jeanne Fair

Scientist in Biosecurity and Public Health

Jeanne Fair is a scientist in Biosecurity & Public Health at Los Alamos National Laboratory with a focus in epidemiology and animal disease ecology.  Dr. Fair’s research interest is to support biosurveillance and zoonotic infectious disease detection capabilities in wildlife, animals, and humans. In 2011, she was the Editor-in-Chief of the Guidelines for the Use of Wild Birds in Research for the United States and served for 10 years as Chair of the Los Alamos Institutional Animal & Use Committee (IACUC). Dr. Fair is also dedicated to cooperative biological engagement for strengthening capabilities for biosurveillance around the world.  Jeanne is a co-principle investigator in the project and part of the Los Alamos genomics team in the project.

My Projects


Co-infection with Rift Valley fever virus, Brucella spp. and Coxiella burnetii in humans and animals in Kenya: Disease burden and ecological factors