Jing Zhu

Prof Jing Zhu is the Dean of College of Economics and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU)—a leading education and research institute in China—where she lectures and undertakes research on agricultural and rural development, particularly food security policy. Prof Jing Zhu obtained her PhD in Agricultural Economics from NAU in 2000 and then joined International Food Policy Research Institute as a post-doctoral research fellow. Dr Zhu has published widely in leading academic journals and was bestowed the prestigious Cheung Kong Scholar award by the Ministry of Education in China. She is currently the chair of the Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management Disciplinary Appraisal Committee of the State Council Academic Commission of China, and a member of the Advisory Committee of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of China, the Expertise Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, and the Global Future Council on Food Security and Agriculture of the World Economic Forum. She joined the ILRI Board in November 2016.