John Juma

John Juma

John is a graduate fellow within the RVF component of the larger BUILD Uganda project. He is using genomic epidemiology with an aim to  create the necessary framework for guiding Rift Valley fever virus control programmes in endemic settings by levering pathogen genomics and phylodynamic modelling. 

Prior to the fellowship, John was a bioinformatician at Bioscience East and Central Africa (BecA) ILRI hub where he mostly focused on analysis of NGS datasets as part of capacity building among ABCF fellows but also with an aim of enhancing agricultural productivity within Africa. 

John obtained his Masters in Bioinformatics from Wageningen University and holds a bachelors in Biochemistry from KU, Kenya. 

In his free time, John enjoys writing code in Python, playing /watching football and reading inspirational books. 


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