Josephine Birungi

Josephine Birungi is the BecA-ILRI Hub’s Technology Manager. She manages laboratory operations, research facilitation and research related services, application and monitoring of new technologies, and leading the BecA-ILRI Hub’s genomics and bioinformatics efforts. Prior to joining the BecA-ILRI Hub, Josephine worked at the Uganda Virus Research Institute-International AIDS Vaccine Initiative HIV vaccine trial unit as a Senior Scientist, a role that involved setting up the first laboratory in Africa to attain Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) international accreditation.

Josephine holds a BSc (Hons) (Zoology/Psychology) and MSc (Zoology) from Makerere University Kampala, Uganda and a PhD in Molecular Genetics, Evolutionary Biology and Conservation genetics at Makerere University/ University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She conducted postdoctoral research at Yale University School of Medicine and is an honorary Senior Lecturer at Makerere University Kampala.