Meseret Bekele

Meseret Bekele

Academic/Professional background

Meseret Bekele holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Master's of Science in Veterinary Public Health from Addis Ababa University. Meseret served as an instructor at the Alage Technical and Vocational, Education and Teaching College (ATVET) for four years. She later joined the Ministry of Agriculture where she worked as a senior expert on Zoonotic disease prevention and control; she is now the Director for the Veterinary Public Health Directorate. Additionally, Meseret serves as the chairperson and secretary for the National One Health Steering committee and Rabies Technical Working Group.


Unsafe food is a threat to public health and foodborne diseases can negatively impact on nutrition and livelihoods and derail development. Investments to support food safety are urgently required, especially in Africa where informal food trade dominates, and hygiene and sanitation practices are poor. We lack effective, sustainable, and scalable approaches that work in the traditional, informal markets where most fresh, risky food is sold. In addition, there is limited documented information regarding the food safety intervention. Therefore, identifying sustainable and scalable interventions to improve food safety in traditional markets in Ethiopia is necessary. This research project will provide the necessary insights on the practical food safety intervention in the informal market of Ethiopia. The major objectives of the three-year fellowship program include; 1. Describe the range of food safety interventions applied in informal markets in Ethiopia and consider the aspects that determined their success, 2. Assess and evaluate a specific informal market food safety intervention in Ethiopia, 3. Describe the legal and policy frameworks within which food safety interventions are implemented in Ethiopia, and 4. Make recommendations on how food safety in informal markets in Ethiopia can be improved


Hosting program at ILRI:

The fellowship is hosted by the One Health Research, Education and Outreach Center in Africa (OHRECA) led by ILRI.  The fellow is supervised by Delia Grace Randolph and Theodore Knight-Jones.