Romano M. Kiome
Kiome is permanent secretary in the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture. He was educated in Kenya up to his first degree. He obtained a master's degree in soil and water management at the University of Wageningen, in the Netherlands, in 1985, followed by a PhD from the University of East Anglia in 1992. His main research work is in computerized modeling of crop production for decision making in soil and water management regimes and prediction of sustainable land use systems. He joined the Board of Trustees in 2004.

My Publications

The Accelerated Value Chain Development program national conference report, 26–27 April 2018: Developing value chains to farming as business with technology and innovations in Kenya

  • Kiome, Romano M.
  • Bamanya, Barbara G.
  • Wamwere-Njoroge, George J.
  • Rao, E.J.O.
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  • Parker, M.
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Tropical forage legumes for environmental benefits: An overview

  • Schultze-Kraft, Rainer
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A strategic framework for transgenic research and product development in Africa: Report of a CGIAR study

  • Kiome, Romano M.