Policies, institutions and livelihoods program

The key challenge that the Policies, Institutions and Livelihoods Program seeks to address is to maximize livestock-mediated livelihoods among women and men smallholder and pastoral producers and their communities, and to increase the availability of quality animal source food to poor consumers.

The program objectives are to achieve:

  • inclusive and sustainable investments by both public and private actors based on evidence from policy and foresight analysis, and impact assessment within the context of dynamic and varied global and regional livestock systems
  • more gender-equitable control of livestock assets, through gender-transformative approaches and gender responsive technology and innovation
  • improved nutrition in rural livestock-keeping households and their communities, by identifying, testing and facilitating livestock-mediated pathways to better and more diverse diets.
  • improved livelihoods and productivity of smallholder livestock keepers through ex ante and ex post assessment of technology packages and strategies.
  • improved performance of livestock value chains through institutional innovation and capacity development.

The Program’s five main areas of research are:

  • Policy and Foresight
  • M&E and Impact Assessment
  • Gender and Equity
  • Nutrition
  • Value Chains for Competitive Smallholder Systems

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