Program management framework

The Program Management (PM) Framework defines the methodology and structure for managing research programs and projects at ILRI. The methodology and structure are documented in the PM Process Manual, which outlines the following:

    • Standard set of activities that are to be performed at ILRI for managing programs and projects, including activity purpose and steps involved
    • Expected inputs and outputs for each activity (i.e., tools and resources to be used)
    • Roles involved in and responsible for each activity related to managing programs and projects

The framework that is outlined in the Process Manual covers both program and project management. Program management is the management of an ILRI research program and the projects associated with it. Project management is the management of a research project throughout the different phases of its lifecycle: proposal development, planning, executing, and closing. The primary users for the PM Process Manual are staff that is responsible for the management and delivery of programs (Program Leaders, Program Managers) and projects (Project Leaders/Principal Investigators, project management staff).

The project to develop the Program Management Framework was initiated starting in July 2015. For the project, a “Working Group” was formed to provide input on and validation of the processes that were defined and documented in the PM Process Manual. The Working Group was composed of a mix of ILRI staff from across a representative set of divisions, CRPs, roles, and geographic locations. A rollout of the processes to the impacted staff will be completed in June 2016 via Process Workshops. This site contains the links to the PM Process Manual, other materials shared with staff at meetings and workshops, and any related announcements or upcoming events.

Isaac Maina Manyeki
Project Manager

Process owners have been identified to be responsible for the PM Framework.  These individuals are responsible for the maintenance of the framework’s materials and for driving support and enhancement initiatives in the area of program/project management at ILRI.  The process owners by area are:

  • Nadine Sanginga: Proposal Development
  • Muluhiwot Getachew: Project Planning
  • Assenath Kabugi: Project Executing & Closing
  • Simon Turere: Program Management

Within each ILRI program, the Program Manager & Project Manager are the points of contact for program/project management. The process owners are also points of contact for staff. 

Leadership for the PM Framework is provided by Iain Wright and Stella Kiwango. A Steering Committee also exists to provide guidance and strategic direction for this area. The Steering Committee includes the following members:


PM Framework Role 

Iain Wright

PM Framework Project Sponsor & Steering Committee Chair

Stella Kiwango

PM Framework Project Sponsor/Leader & Steering Committee Member

Isabelle Baltenweck

PM Framework Project Sponsor & Steering Committee Member

Nadine Sanginga

PM Framework Process Owner & Steering  Committee Member

Muluhiwot Getachew

PM Framework Process Owner  & Steering Committee Member

Simon Turere

PM Framework Process Owner  & Steering Committee Member

Assenath Kabugi

PM Framework Process Owner  & Steering Committee Member

Sikhalazo Dube

PM Framework Steering Committee Member

Misja Brandenburg

PM Framework Steering Committee Member

Stephen Dean

PM Framework Steering Committee Member

Eric Kamau

PM Framework Committee Member

Robert Nzioka

PM Framework Committee Member

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