Policy and foresight


Despite the rapid growth of the livestock sector in low- and middle-income countries, understanding of the potential trajectories of future livestock system evolution remain limited. Existing models do not address the complexities associated with the sector. This impedes our ability to assess returns on investment and their potential implications on livelihoods and other outcomes.


Wider use of improved livestock system modelling by our national and international research partners and policymakers will guide priority setting and policy development, leading to improved welfare, equity, growth, productivity and food security.


We are supporting partners to develop improved, integrated livestock system modelling and data capturing tools. The integration and modularizing of complementary modelling platforms, ranging from herd to global levels, is an innovative element of this process.

Through our improved models, we assess impacts and trade-offs of system change and provide empirical estimates of the supply and demand for animal-source foods under various scenarios. The models allow the assessment of feed backs of these developments on livestock systems evolution and their wider implications.

These models can guide livestock policy, technology and investment returns, priorities and strategies for development agencies, national and international decision makers, and the research community.