Livestock feeds assessment report from Kisii county, Kenya

In order to characterize livestock feeding, we carried forage assessment in Kisii County, Bomachoge Chache sub-county, involving women and men groups separately, to get a picture of how livestock feed status including feeding and production stands. We choose the county as one of the Kenyan highlands with agricultural potential including livestock. Following advice from Kisii county Ministry of Livestock on, areas practicing dairy activities and have functional farmer groups including dairy cooperatives in the county, we ended with Bomachoge chache sub-county. Largely, Kisii in divided into eight sub/counties including; Kitutu Chache North, Bonchari, South Mugirango, Bobasi, Bomachoge chache, Nyaribari chache, Nyaribari Masaba and Kitutu Chache South. The findings were to inform the Netherlands funded project: Feed and forage seed business models to support further professionalization of the dairy sector in Kenya and Uganda -2019- 2022.