Livestock - a pathway out of poverty. ILRI's strategy to 2010

This strategy modifies the 10-year plan first published in 2000. Its main focus is to ensure that ILRI's research is directed towards reducing poverty. Both the research and the evaluation of it have become more complex. To clarify its direction ILRI has identified three pathways in which livestock can help the poor more out of poverty, and it has constructed five broad themes by which its research projects and activities will be guided. The strategy outlined in this document reflects the new focus. The three pathways include - securing the current and future assets of the poor; sustainably improving the productivity of agricultural system of the poor; and encouraging participation of the poor in livestock related markets. And the five themes are - supporting policy-making and priority-setting for livestock research and development: current and future roles of livestock in poverty reduction; enabling access to innovation: adapting and delivering technology information; improving market access: opportunities and threats from globalisation and the livestock revolution; securing assets: better livelihoods through the application of biotechnology; and sustaining lands and livelihoods: improved human and environmental health.