Program for Climate Smart Livestock Systems (PCSL): Futures workshop, Kenya, November–December 2021

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is implementing the Program for Climate Smart Livestock (PCSL) in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. PCSL is designed to build the capacity of governments, the private sector, and livestock keepers towards improving livestock productivity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while adapting to climate change. In late November 2020, ILRI held a virtual workshop with relevant stakeholders to discuss potential transformative pathways for the livestock sector in Kenya. PARTICIPANTS The workshop brought together 35 Kenyan stakeholders representing a variety of organisations, including government ministries, the private sector, NGOs and research institutes. FORMAT The workshop was carried out virtually, via Zoom, over 2 days, 1 week apart. Digital tools were used for gathering individual reflections (Mentimeter) and group discussions (Miro). The workshop activities and outcomes are outlined in the following pages. They draw a lot of inspiration from the Futures Thinking Playbook by Kate Bishop King (2017) and the Three Horizons Framework as applied by Bill Sharpe and colleagues (2016). REPORTING BACK This report shares both the workshop methodology and exercises carried out, as well as the key outcomes.