Global livestock advocacy for development - phase 1

The project aims to marshal and communicate evidence that can be used to advocate for increased funding for livestock for development priorities.

Through the project, evidence and creative content will be assembled and creatively presented, intentional convening and engagement in targeted high-profile events undertaken and capacity development to strengthen advocacy communications will be implemented.

The project will bring forward evidence, in compelling formats: (a) the livestock sector is changing and growing fast throughout the developing world and (b) this rapid evolution offers unprecedented opportunities for influencing the evolution of livestock systems and their contribution to sustainable development; and (c) many of the biggest global challenges today, from food insecurity to disease epidemics to climate change to natural resource degradation, will not be solved without more focused attention and investment in the livestock sector.

Through convening and engagement, this investment in highly focused advocacy communications and related activities will help frame livestock issues to selected interest groups, governments and donor organizations, raising awareness of the need to pay much greater attention to livestock, and that failing to do so is likely to threaten their, and the world’s, ability to deliver on the SDGs. Integration of communications, targeted advocacy based on credible evidence will enable the project to support specific events of strategic importance in selected high-impact UN policy processes.

It will support all stakeholders in making a bigger difference through capacity development alongside coordinated and campaign-style advocacy communications work that helps to shift donor, government and public perceptions of the sustainable role of livestock in the 21st century.