Research compliance

ILRI is committed to promotion of the highest standards for research by ensuring both ethical and legal obligations are met. This is accomplished through consultation and educational programs for all researchers. The Department of Environment Health and Safety facilitates ILRI research compliance programs by providing oversight and coordination of research compliance areas involving animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, Genetically Modified Work, hazardous agents and research misconduct.

There is strong expectation, that all persons involved in research (including institutional officials, directors, principal investigators, staff, colloborators and students) clearly understand and meet their responsibilities when engaged in research activities.

ILRI, is required by country and international statutory requirements to establish specific research committees to ensure the safety and welfare of research subjects, those conducting research, and others who work or study within the research environment. Accordingly, committees have been established at ILRI to oversee these particular research areas: 

  • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), animal subjects.
  • Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC), human subjects.
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), recombinant DNA, biohazards and hazardous chemicals. 

Failure to obtain the required approval prior to the initiation of research activities or procurement of animals, and failure to conduct research activities in accordance with the approved protocol can jeopardize the ability to conduct research and receive funding.

Research Compliance promotes a culture of compliance, research integrity, and high quality research within ILRI community. This is accomplished through consultation and educational programs for all researchers.

To ensure the saftey of all research at ILRI, we require that all projects go through a research registration and compliance process.

TO REGISTER FOR RESEARCH, ILRI will require all new research projects to undergo the following process:

Please submit the form and all other required forms to the EOHS office via e-mail:

It is managed by EOHS