Sustainable livestock systems program

The Sustainable Livestock Systems (SLS) Program will contribute to a future in which livestock are productive in the face of uncertain futures, helping all poor people to manage risk and shocks, and contributing positive environmental benefits.

To achieve this, it will characterize and understand the environmental risks and benefits, as well as the broader constraints to increasing livestock productivity that livestock keepers need to address. It will use this knowledge to develop strategies to overcome these constraints. Where necessary the program will catalyze an enabling environment that will ensure the dissemination of these strategies through partners leading to their uptake by target beneficiaries.

It brings together research and innovations on three issues:

  1. Environmental change and livestock production
  2. Sustainable intensification of livestock and mixed farming systems
  3. Resilience in the face of risks.

Through its research, the Program seeks to:

  • provide accurate and relevant information about the impact of livestock on the environment,
  • place this impact in a context that gives adequate recognition to the important benefits of livestock
  • mitigate the impact of future environmental change on livestock production systems,
  • help communities adapt to environmental risks and change
  • provide validated sustainable intensification strategies for increasing the productivity of livestock and mixed farming systems

This page brings together ILRI and partner resources on Sustainable livestock systems. It shows information on projects, news items, research outputs, video materials and presentations as well as ILRI people working on Sustainable livestock systems. See where ILRI works; and the research issues it works on.

Contact: Peter Thorne, Polly Ericksen

Outputs: Reports and documents



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