East and Southeast Asia

In East and Southeast Asia, ILRI has offices in China and Vietnam with the office in Vietnam serving as the regional hub. For this region, ILRI’s activities are clustered in two main areas:

Opportunities associated with the sustainable intensification of crop-livestock systems and exploitation of market and production system opportunities, including:

  • Crop-livestock system integration and productivity.
  • Conservation and utilization of animal genetic diversity in the region.
  • Value chain and market development for smallholder participation and productivity.

Threats associated with livestock, focusing on mitigation of risks in changing agricultural systems, including:

  • Zoonotic emerging infectious diseases and animal diseases.
  • Food safety and antimicrobial resistance.
  • Agri-food system integrity and environmental services.

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    People working in East and Southeast Asia

    Hung Nguyen
    ILRI regional representative, East and Southeast Asia
    de Haan
    Senior researcher
    Fred Unger
    Veterinary Epidemiologist & CIM Expert
    Han Jianlin
    Scientist, Population Geneticist
    Hu Suk Lee
    Scientist (veterinary epidemiologist)

    Contact: Hung Nguyen

    Outputs: Reports and documents



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