People working in 194

Programme Accountant
ICT Business Analyst
Crop Molecular Geneticist
Research Assistant
AVT _ICT customer service
Agri-business specialist
Field Coordinator - FtF, AVCD
Field Coordinator - FtF, AVCD
Technical Assistant
P&OD Assistant
Social Scientist: Gender
Research Assistant I
Principal Scientist
Principal Economist
Senior People and Organizational Development Officer
Senior Administrative Officer, Director General's Office
Post-Doc Scientist
Research Analyst
Post-Doctoral Scientist - Epidemiology
Commercial Services Manager
Livestock Scientist
Program Manager
Engineering Facilities Supervisor
Senior P&OD Assistant
Finance Manager
ICT Customer Service Officer
Research Assistant II - Immunology/Immunochemistry
Senior Scientist
Research Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Post-Doctoral Scientist
Research Assistant III - System and Database Administration
Market and Capacity Development Manager
Market and Capacity Development Manager
Agricultural Information Systems Specialist
office assistant
Partnerships and Policy Specialist
Scientist and Spatial Analyst
Project Manager
Research Associate
Program Accountant
Program Accountant
Lab Assistant
Assistant Project Manager and PA to BecA Director
Program Management Officer
Research Scientist
ICT Customer Services Technician
Program Manager (joint) Animal and Human Health
Research Assistant
Research technician
ICT Endpoint Officer
Assistant Director General
Communications & Knowledge Management Specialist
Market and Capacity Development Specialist
Research Technician, Gender and Agriculture
Epidemiologist (ASF coordinator) and Institutional Veterinarian
mNutrition Project Officer