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Written by Raymond Jumah and Dave Priest (FIPS-Africa) FIPS VPA Edward Kirinya harvesting the Sherekea potato variety. He planted 50 kg in July and has harvested 1,322 kg in November 2016. Photo: Raymond Jumah/FIPS-Africa A cool breeze sweeps across Kioru village in Abothuguchi West ward, bringing freshness to the otherwise misty agricultural highlands of Meru … Continue reading →
AVCD, Feb/2017
At the Global Landscapes Initiative in the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, our research focuses on increasing global food security while reducing harmful impacts from agriculture to Earth’s natural resources. We have found that one key strategy to combating food insecurity—lack of access to nutritious foods—is increasing food production on small farms. There are tremendous opportunities to increase yields throughout South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. . . . Continue reading →
ILRI clippings, Jan/2017
By Fred Masika, visiting scientist at the Biosciences eastern and central Africa-International Livestock Research Institute (BecA-ILRI) Hub The modernization of agriculture in Africa has led to the focus on cultivation of a very limited variety of...
Beca-ILRI Hub, Jan/2017
To improve the nutritional status of women in the reproductive age and children below five years, an awareness drive under the Smart Food campaign has been launched in selected counties in Kenya. The aim is to promote increased consumption of nutrient dense, drought tolerant crops (sorghum, millets, pigeonpea, groundnut, cowpea and green gram) and appropriate … Continue reading →
AVCD, Dec/2016
Eight months after rolling out into the field, Farm Input Promotions Africa (FIPS-Africa) has established 73 decentralised seed multipliers (also known as Village-Potato Advisors (VPAs) in Meru County. The VPAs are supported through US government funded program Feed the Future Kenya Accelerated Value Chain Development (AVCD) Program in partnership with the International Potato Centre (CIP) … Continue reading →
AVCD, Nov/2016
By William Sharpee, postdoctoral fellow, North Carolina State University Cassava is an important food crop for millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa, but unfortunately this crop is facing a decline in production across the continent due to Cass...
Beca-ILRI Hub, Nov/2016
Identifying key leverage points and improving market linkages between farmers, input suppliers and traders is key for value chain development. But success depends on involving all key actors and helping them understand what and how they can contribute to the process. Continue reading →
LIVES, Oct/2016
ICARDA research in Ethiopia examines whether the adoption of improved food legume varieties increases the technical efficiency of crop production. Continue reading →
Africa RISING, Oct/2016
By Gabriela Chavez, postdoctoral fellow, Auburn University based at the BecA-ILRI Hub I joined the Cassava Virus Evolution Project to study the most economically important disease in cassava in Africa. Like me, the cassava is indigenous to South A...
Beca-ILRI Hub, Oct/2016
A first look at a revamped ILRI research initiative: Biosciences eastern and central Africa-ILRI Hub Continue reading →
ILRI news blog, Oct/2016