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Animal biosciences

This page brings together ILRI and partner resources on Animal biosciences. It shows information on projects, news items, research outputs, video materials and presentations as well as ILRI people working on Animal biosciences. See all ILRI researches

Steve Kemp

People working in Animal biosciences

Ally Okeyo Mwai
Principal Scientist
Annie Cook
Post-Doctoral Scientist - Epidemiology
Edwin Pancras Oyieng
Reasearch Assistant, Animal Breeding and Genetics
Eric Fevre
Professor of Veterinary Infectious Diseases, Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool
Fasil Getachew
Research Officer-Animal Genetics & Breeding
Gad Milton Ochuka Owido
Research Technician
Julie M.K. Ojango
Scientist, Animal Breeding Strategies
Karen Marshall
Scientist, Animal breeding and genetics



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