Animal science for sustainable productivity

ILRI's research program on Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity (ASSP) is a global program working to increase the productivity of livestock systems in developing countries through high-quality animal science (breeding, nutrition and animal health) and livestock systems research. The program aims to increase the supply and quality of animal feed from forage and crop residues, developing animal breeding strategies that are suitable for small scale farmers and identification and control of diseases that impair animal health. It also tests how new approaches to increasing animal productivity can be implemented in different livestock and farming systems.


The program has been created to bring together ILRI teams working on animal feeding, animal breeding, animal health and livestock systems. This integration will allow a more unified approach to bringing applied animal sciences to bear on the challenge of sustainably increasing livestock productivity. Within the context of livestock systems, it is rarely possible to isolate the different aspects of animal science. For example, introduction of more productive genotypes usually requires better feeding and animal health care. On the other hand improvement in feed availability opens up opportunities for smallholders to keep more productive breeds.


The program contributes to 8 CGIAR research programs on Drylands, Humid tropics, Policies, institutions and markets, Livestock and Fish, Agriculture for nutrition and health, Water, Land and Ecosystems and Climate Change for Agriculture and Food Security.


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