Communications and knowledge management at ILRI is organized in three teams:
  1. Knowledge, publishing and curation team led by James Stapleton. This team organizes and publishes ILRI'S knowledge to maximize its accessibility and use. It supports processes to co-create, capture, document and disseminate ILRI’s knowledge through various products. It also curates this knowledge by managing the systems, workflows and channels necessary to collect, organize, categorize and distribute content.


2. Knowledge, engagement and collaboration team led by Ewen Le Borgne. This team facilitates engagement, collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing across ILRI and with key stakeholders. It supports communities of practice, and networks. It promotes effective uses of social, collaborative and online tools and approaches. And it designs, facilitates and documents processes and events.


3. Communications, awareness and advocacy team lead by Susan MacMillan. This team helps ILRI to frame issues, attract higher quality attention to livestock in the developing world, build greater support for pro-poor livestock research for development and make its science stories 'stick.' It does this through strategic, targeted communications and campaigns that influence key stakeholder groups.


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