Boniface Muganda

Personal Information
Staff picture Full name Boniface Muganda
Position Research Assistant III - System and Database Administration
Telephone 254 20 422 3803

Boniface Muganda is a system and database administrator for the Integrated Genotyping Service and Support (IGSS) platform. He works in collaboration with the Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) PTY Ltd, ICT team to establish and maintain the ICT infrastructure of the IGSS platform. He also offers Bioinformatics support to scientists and breeders. He previously worked as a database specialist for the BecA-ILRI Hub Capacity and Action for Aflatoxin Reduction in Eastern Africa (CAAREA) and Durable rice blast resistance for Africa projects.

Boniface Muganda holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Nairobi and has undergone intensive training in DArTseq Sequencing Technology.

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