Delia Grace

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Staff Picturee Full name Delia Grace
Position Programme Manager
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Delia is a veterinary epidemiologist and food safety specialist. She obtained her PhD from the Institute for Parasitology and Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Free University of Berlin (Germany) in 2006. Currently, her research work involves developing and managing risk-based approaches to animal diseases, particularly zoonoses (animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans), in developing countries.   Before joining ILRI as a postdoctoral scientist, Delia worked for seven years in community-based animal health programs in Asia, East Africa and West Africa. She has written several papers and guides on participatory approaches to veterinary epidemiology. She has also developed and implemented training courses in participatory risk assessment and risk analysis for food safety.  PROFESSIONAL/RESEARCH INTERESTS ::  Veterinary epidemiology ::  Risk-based approaches for zoonotic disease ::  Training and capacity-building ::  Community-based animal health and participatory approaches ::  Animal welfare and gender and development
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