Annie Cook

Personal Information
Staff picture Full name Annie Cook
Position Post-Doctoral Scientist - Epidemiology
Telephone +254 20 422 3464

I am a post-doctoral fellow in epidemiology. My role in this position is to investigate the epidemiology of diseases at the wildlife-domestic-human interface.

I am originally from Australia where I studied veterinary science at the University of Sydney. I spent 8 years in clinical practice in Australia and the UK before focusing full time on research. I have a Masters in Wild Animal Health and a Masters in Public Health in Developing Countries. I conducted research projects investigating the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases including tuberculosis, Echinococcus, Cryptosporidium and rabies in Uganda and Kenya before starting my PhD research at the University of Edinburgh in 2010.

I am currently conducting a number of projects in Kenya investigating zoonotic diseases.

My primary research investigates the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases in slaughterhouse workers in western Kenya. This research is a continuation of my PhD research, which reported on Q fever, leptospirosis, brucellosis and Rift Valley fever seroprevalence in slaughterhouse workers. Ongoing research planned in this area includes examining slaughterhouse workers for MRSA. In addition we plan to investigate camel slaughterhouse workers for evidence of exposure to MERS coronavirus.

I am also conducting a pathogen discovery project investigating emerging zoonotic diseases in bats and rodents.

During my post-doc I have been involved with research on diseases transmitted to cattle from wildlife including Corridor disease from African buffalo to domestic cattle and also Malignant Catarrhal Fever (MCF) from wildebeest to cattle. At ILRI we are currently developing a vaccination trial for the control of MCF in cattle.

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