Hanneke Hemmink

Personal Information
Staff picture Full name Hanneke Hemmink
Position Postdoc CTLGH

Hanneke Hemmink has a background in veterinary medicine and started her research career after workin in clinical farm animal medicin. She conducted her Msc and PhD at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, working on immunology against the protozoan parastites Theileria annulata and Theileria parva. In 2014 she joined the swine influenza immunology group at the Pirbright institute to work on the swine influenza transmissin dynamics project; linking transmission, evolutionary dynamics, pathogenesis and immunity in pigs. She is now working with the Centre of Livestock genetics and Health (CTLGH), on a joint position between the Roslin Institute and ILRI. Hanneke is interested in all aspects of animal health, with special interests in infectious disease, immunity and vaccinology. 

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