Isabelle Baltenweck

Personal Information
Staff picture Full name Isabelle Baltenweck
Position Program Leader (acting), Policies Institutions and Livelihoods
Email i.baltenweck
Telephone +254 20 422 3402

Dr Baltenweck has more than 15 years of post-doctoral experience in livestock Research & Development activities. She has a wide experience in adoption and impact assessment studies, especially looking at farmers’ decisions to adopt newly introduced or disruptive technologies, understanding the drivers as well as the livelihood impacts. Her research approach uses in many instances mixed methods approaches, to be able to measure quantitatively impact as well as understanding reasons and drivers of change through qualitative approaches. She has increasingly sharpened her skills in gender and social equity research, looking at how women and men’s needs and capabilities are different in terms of accessing and using technologies and practices, also resulting in varied and sometimes opposite impact. The same type of analysis is used with other groups, e.g. youths or members of marginal communities. The other component of Dr Baltenweck’s research deals with institutional arrangements that link value chain actors, like innovation platforms, hubs or contract farming. Her work is looking at different types of institutional arrangements and the possible impact on value chain performance and individual actors’ livelihood (including gender disaggregated impact). This work has a direct relevance to the activities of development practitioners and the private sector,  and resulted in publications targeted at that audience.

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